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Drummond: to retain the rebounder with at least one of his teammates in the all star Detroit sky me guard Zhuangshen 2015-16 season highlights September 24th news Detroit sports Tencent and the piston is one of the youngest team in the league. The core lineup, center Andre Drummond this year only 23 years old, but he is the third youngest team in the in addition, he is also in the team the longest serving people. In an interview with NBA’s official website, he said the team’s goal is to go further in the playoffs. Drummond for the team in the playoffs can go further "I feel more like an old man," Drummond will begin his occupation career the fifth pre-season training camp on Tuesday, he shook his head and smiled and said, "look at all this, and these changes, this is crazy." I Natsu Drummond and the pistons signed five years of the 130 million top salary for him, this means responsibility, "this is my occupation career and life new chapter," he said, "I signed a contract for five years, so I am very happy to be a part of it, and for the common goal of my they fight." Drummond is not the oldest in the pistons, but is the longest in the team. Since joining the pistons in 2012, their record has improved steadily. "I signed the contract (agreed to renew the contract), which is not only for the past I have been working hard, but also means that the team now needs my leadership." Drummond said, "I am the most effective long time in this team, I experienced the ups and downs of the pistons. I used to have a lot of rumors, there are many different coaches, but the sun will rise. Now we have successfully entered the playoffs and try to go further, can try to the playoffs feeling really good, so my occupation career so far experienced a lot of change radically, but now, we are in the stage of rise." In Drummond’s first season, his rebounding number has been improved, last season he averaged 14.8 rebounds terrible. Drummond said he would have won the backboard king. "I’ll work for it, there’s no doubt about it. I want to try again to return to the all star team, and led one of my brothers in all stars, such as Reggie Jackson, or Caldwell Pope, or Marcus Maurice and Tony bayas – Harris. We will play together in the game, know each other well, and they will know that I will be sent to the free throw line on the penalty line to punish the damned." (Majiabao) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: