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Zhengzhou real estate registration point Lengrebujun   this can be spanned for real estate — people.com.cn original title: Zhengzhou real estate registration point Lengrebujun today can cross for   after the National Day holiday two days, went to the Zhengzhou City real estate registration center in the heart of the work of the masses to distinguish Kim gradually increased, the entire service hall as the "Spring Festival", appeared in long queues. At present, the relevant departments have been taken to optimize work processes, accelerate the pace of business districts, and other measures, is expected in mid October, this phenomenon will greatly ease. The real estate registration "queuing tide" the morning of October 9th, the Zhengzhou municipal administrative service center and outside the hall was full of people, among them, many of them are to apply for the registration of real estate business. At 9 o’clock in the morning, when the Chinese commercial news reporters came to the scene, the team is still in the build-up, things to the affected vehicles are affected, the police also came to the scene to maintain traffic order in Henan. The National Day holiday after two consecutive days, Kim district administrative approval service hall overcrowding. In the hall, the Zhengzhou City real estate registration center Kim between the center (hereinafter referred to Kim between the center work six windows) are all open, while waiting for business people unabated. There is a scene, a consultancy, a child crying, racket, such as "Spring Festival" can be heard without end. "It’s too noisy, one day down, dizzy brain, buzzing, back to sleep, I feel I am not myself." Zhengzhou real estate registration center, a branch of a staff member said. Henan Daily reporter found in the survey, the city’s nine for the real estate registration location, jinshuiqu queuing scene is most obvious, other districts slightly dull, or even "a deserted house", the overall performance of a "Lengrebujun" state. More than 1 cases of materials accounted for nearly 1/3 of Jinshui District real estate registration window set up before there are so many people ah!" In the hall, a security guard to maintain order, he and his colleagues have recently seen a lot of people queuing in the middle of the night. Henan Chinese commercial news reporters learned from the Zhengzhou land and Resources Bureau, after the transfer of the Zhengzhou Municipal Housing Authority to the real estate registration department of more than 11800 materials, only a Jinshui District accounted for nearly 1/3. Only 8 days of the day, the city completed 1312 of the real property right certificate, jinshuiqu accounted for 834 of the. Jinshui District is the core area of Zhengzhou, the economy is developed, the school district room is also more, the stock of housing in the region has been relatively high, and the flow rate is also high." According to the Zhengzhou real estate intermediary, a short period of time, Jinshui District administrative examination and approval service center can not deal with such a large amount, and the center of the site was also due to excessive traffic and paralysis. "Paihao" price 300 yuan from the public Liu said angrily, some people did not get the files on a stool in the hall outside Paihao, "there is no one tube?" Henan Daily reporter survey found that people to queue outside the hall, with some portfolio, some can not tell who is left with nothing whatsoever, really)相关的主题文章: