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Zhejiang mountain tiger meets monk helpless chanting death results shocked the nation (Figure) Lu Yu tiger Ming Shenzong Wanli (1573 – 1620), an ascetic, he always does not work hard during the day speech, as the temple water firewood, Shaohuo cook, served the Archmage and other brothers, so he is meticulous. But still no feeling of resentment congenially pleasure. In the evening, he did not feel tired, for a man, sitting in the room, with a light, grinding the dharma. One day, the monks occasionally from a mountain of wooded, crowded after, suddenly found a tiger in the middle road hanging eyes, shining Bo people look at fiercely as a tiger does, this posture. Look around, no other road to go. In this dilemma, cornered situation, the face of quiet calm but ascetic resolutely, pounding the wooden fish, murmuring, walk past…… Seeing the time, monk will close to the tiger suddenly, the tiger eye hanging forehead but if not like, climb up, escape the tails! The power of Dharma, chanting monk flooding tiger is not others, it is significantly different at the time were heavy, stunning Mingde mage. Ming was originally called the master Pavilion, later, because he studied in Shaoxing prefecture (now Zhejiang Shaoxing) million forest mage, in order to express their respect for the master of Italy, he had his alias to pine, with himself as well as the mentor of modesty. His ancestral home is Huzhou Wu Cheng (now Zhejiang Wuxing county), father surnamed zhou. Ming was born just master soon, he showed his be not of the common sort. Once, that is when he was five or six years old, he followed his father to go to a place called capital Dojo, evening accommodation in a temple, see the walls of the Luo Hanhui like, young Ming was poker-faced asked his father: "this is what people? Why don’t you wear the same clothes as we do? Are they gods?" Father see their children actually suddenly hang bun was deeply attracted by these arhat portraits, and asked the surprising question, can not help feeling indifferent, said with emotion: "they are also those who, the monk boundless supernatural power to save all living beings." Ming to listen to, can not help but generously praise, firmly to the father said: "I am willing to do such a person!" Then, on the request of his father agreed to a monk. Where would his father agree? Back home, he is still seeking the intrinsic mother, unanswered. So wait until he grew up to the age of thirteen, parents see the son still helpless, he agreed to become a monk, a monk. So, it came to the Ming master, double Lin Khanh Thien nunnery, Baixing Xiang monk as a teacher, learning yogism. Four years later, just a formal monastic tonsure.相关的主题文章: