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Deng Chao Yang Yang Zhang Tianai Liu Yan passing Chongqing Wednesday in Monument for Liberation waiting for you by the Chongqing membership director Zhang Yibai filmed the movie in my hometown "passing from your world" will be released nationwide in September 29th. 28, Zhang Yibai will bring the original, screenwriter Zhang Jiajia back to Chongqing, held a grand Premiere of the film in Monument for Liberation. That afternoon, Zhang Yibai and Zhang Jiajia will also attend the Yuzhong business alliance ceremony, the scene to share with Yuzhong film emotional story. Recently Faye Wong for the "passing from your world" to sing the song "you at the end of the waiting for me," so that the beauty of Chongqing brush burst circle of friends. The 25 day film in Beijing point to great acclaim, the stars and the audience behind the movie have to point praise. Xu Zheng had been in Chongqing, the "Crazy Stone" director Hao Ning said, "different directors to shoot the same city, temperament is completely different. A very beautiful white Chongqing." There is also the audience said, originally thought to be someone else’s love, I did not expect to see themselves, laughing and crying into a fool". 28, "passing from your world", the original screenwriter Zhang Jiajia, director Zhang Yibai and other collective "passing" Monument for Liberation, during the film’s share of fun in Chongqing. Eighteen ladder, Zhongshan Road, goose ridge,, Monument for Liberation, two…… Most of the movie in Yuzhong viewfinder, director Zhang Yibai is a native of the old Yuzhong people in the film on the occasion, in order to promote the business district of Yuzhong to further integration, build Yuzhong area to commercial tourism and culture as one of the tourist destination image, by the Yuzhong District Bureau of Commerce, the Yuzhong Tourism Bureau, Yuzhong District Cultural Committee Monument for Liberation CBD, CMC, big petrochemical District Management Committee, the CMC, the construction of historical and cultural blocks of electronic commerce and Creative Industry Park organized by Tencent · Chongqing net hosted Yuzhong area business alliance "will be officially launched on September 28th at 2 p.m.. Activities to pass from your world, in Yuzhong and so on you as the theme, not only will release ten food routes, director Zhang Yibai will also share the scene of the film in Yuzhong feelings. 28, "from all over the world by you," All Star team in Monument for Liberation, waiting for you! Click on the picture to view the special topic, sign up to be a beauty guide相关的主题文章: