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Yang Mi Song Jia Wang Ziwen’s in actress early autumn outfit article from the chic from the media public number FashionWeek (ID:icatwalk) recently heard a pop star street "the lower part of the body does not see" rules, looks around, small clothes, please leave a large leg it — that is suit series. This series is the correct way to open a suit this suit: plus light legs! "The surface strongest team of Kunling daughter mother already understand, participate in the 2016 Paris Fashion Week show look is directly onto the body: the 2016 show no one will refuse this kind of beauty to the horizon of the collocation, major brands brains seeking to break through this exhibition, a visual feast to us. Jacquemus 2016 spring suit, brain hole guards, half suits, the other half is the dress design, make your suits, skirts, silly points not clear enough, laid the foundation stone for the big legs show: skirt suit, waistcoat full play, there is no doubt the best collocation is that light: legs adapted for skirt suit: Yang Mi Kunling suit goddess of beauty earthshaking the most fashionable dress autumn demonstration indeed, no one will refuse to tall, in the suit directly below show legs without any decoration will increase the proportion of lower body, high visual 5cm. Even if there is a large full height itself is still the star 173 routine, below the white version of the profile of double breasted suit light show long legs, one hand piano style shoes, briefcase, clean but full details. Xiaobian want to say: pro, you foul! Double breasted suit, with a shoe with a large leg seems to perform some standard. As the shoes in the "little black dress" – the word with high heels is indeed the perfect collocation, elegant enough, which may appear coquettish feeling back to 10%. At the same time, because the lower body does not add any decorative ingredients, so do not worry about that a bar will cause the leg will be significantly shorter visual cut concerns. Jiang Shuying said, yielding good sir, is me! Cheryl and Gianna Jun also chose the white double breasted suit, different is suit for star profile version, has a large woman clear, while the Cheryl suit is double clutch waist to fit curve, the collar to the chest, walking the red carpet is clearly more in line with the murder of film bearing. A set of homework done, the word with the high-heeled shoes to choose bright orange red, more conspicuous. Of course, remember your light legs: unwilling to ordinary you, don’t refuse fabrics to bring a gorgeous feeling, Onokazu leopard Cara bold velvet suit lapel, the same black heels with a fast, a man in the crowd found you: when it comes to Song Jia by surprise, fabric, wearing Louis Vuitton 2016 winter series bubble sleeve skirt suit leather zipper stitching, chest following all legs that visual sense. Collocation Jimmy Choo metallic tip high-heeled shoes, wearing Pomellato rings, earrings. Cool beauty: Yang Mi Kunling suit goddess of beauty earthshaking the most fashionable dress autumn demonstration相关的主题文章: