Wu Qingyuan and alphago Li Shishi flow layout conceiving tactics insipid-kasey chase

Wu Qingyuan flow layout and AlphaGo layout design tactics of Li Shishi Li Shishi’s tactics flat slightly flat but Sina declined to reprint the original content of fourth chess spectrum 10-12 and the strategy of Li Shi white 10 choose a plain black hand, 11 tiger is set. 12 demolition of a white, somewhat simple, it is the left hand opportunity to perform a series of alpha in the wake of the chess process. Figure 9 should be large if it is often read my column players, should also remember that game I mentioned above Takemiya Masaki zhihei and Shimamura Jun Guangzhou Mr. White, 1 big, black 2 handsome white speedboat, 3 hang small order date passes, when the pressure increases to stick to black, not the original 2 big leisurely mood. The reference spectra of 26 black Cui Zhehan vs Mu Zhenshuo Cui Zhehan’s black 11 direct point angle, reflects the large Komi era, players are busy with real demand directly grab empty. 16 white vertical thick, black 23 is set to order 24 large black clip is white, 25 Town, but also a lot of people will choose the method, 26 white solid, 27 black fly to eliminate potential. The reference spectra of 27 black Pu Tinghuan vs Tang Weixing three years ago or three Tang Weixing, Pu Tinghuan a challenge South korea. A white 10 jump, is a kind of interest. Black 11 block, it is a good point, white 12 off, black is not worried, to become a good shape of 15, satisfied. White 16 black 11 Clip, stopped, attention under this situation, our success is not satisfied with the white, black. The reference spectra of 28 black Li Shi vs Jin Chengjun in the spectrum of black 11 is also in this 11 stick method, Li Shi just under 14, white hang, black 15 clip, concise. White 16, 18 anti folder is a global set. Black 19 fly, and then take off the first 21, fast pace. The reference spectra of 29 black Pu Tinghuan vs Cui Zhehan black 11 China is a policy de preemption right, white 12 black 13 off, it does not matter, for another big game, black no dissatisfaction. The reference spectra of 30 black Nie Weiping vs Cao Xunxuan Nie Lao against old rivals, have chosen to go black 11 Kobayashi flow, not to rush to complete the left set, white 12 go left, go right to fly under the hanging, momentum, this is also a tacit. The reference spectra of 31 black Cao Xunxuan vs Xu Fengzhu this is early on the 11 Cao Xunxuan black tiger team, Xu Fengzhu chose 12 thorns, forcing black at this time to complete the set in 13, 15, 16 white hang, open up the situation. The reference spectra of 32 black Pu Yongxun vs Li Shi by alphago after the baptism, Li Shi chess more colorful, white 10 pointed, forcing black 13 complete set, 14 white jump, very affordable, to be removed after the black 15, white 18 is like magic, let a person find everything fresh and new. Figure 10 Wu recommended spectrum in the 12 white figure 1 clip, Mr. Wu is recommended for the layout of the method, such as by 2 black, white will take the upper hand, then 11 hang 13 removed, fast, so the efficiency of full white. Fig. 11 variation of white 1 clips, 2 black flies, white will be shaped in 3, the black thin, then 11 new offensive相关的主题文章: