Why this domestic SUV can be sold 20 thousand months, the number of tons of steel are not pressure i-onavo protect

Why is this domestic SUV to sell 20 thousand tons of steel, all daunt it – Sohu car according to the latest sales data released by the Federation: in the current hot SUV market, 9 month sales over a million cars reached 27, monthly sales of 20 thousand models has reached 11 models, including Harvard H6 monthly sales over 50 thousand high, trumpchi GS4 first break 30 thousand mark, there is a reference to a SUV that is Harvard’s another Harvard SUV H2, September sales are quite good, with sales of 20242 units, creating a sales record since 2016, successfully entered the SUV month sales of 20 thousand vehicles the club, and in the SUV market segment TOP10 list. The Harvard H2 why sales unpopular? As a small SUV in the Haf family, which has been listed since 2014 soon sell million, and long-term stability in the sub list, the precise positioning, outstanding at the same level in the golden ratio, reliable quality and good safety make this city take advantage of SUV. A traffic accident, 5 tons of steel "top" hover H2 safety and show in Zhejiang last month in Jiaxing once again confirms the excellent quality of H2 security. The day of the accident, the local weather is not good, it is raining, a Harvard H2 suddenly accident was 5 ton steel coping, but the accident in the Harvard H2 driver only suffered minor injuries, this is also from the side saw enough safety hover H2 reassuring. From the scene of the accident, the reinforced agricultural vehicle weighs heavily in the Harvard H2 roof, according to the surrounding masses, pressure in the Harvard H2 body steel up to 5.6 tons, far beyond the domestic car weight and bear. In this serious traffic accident, Harvard H2 to ensure maximum safety of occupants, if this is not too reliable folk statement that in 2015 the second batch of C-NCAP test, evaluation of the Harvard H2 safety collision five-star have some authoritative weight. The Great Wall is not marketing? See the red label combined it intended to do the Great Wall marketing has been in the industry talk about the Great Wall pitch advertising, why not advertise even once become the topic. But Harvard in the product release strategy is unambiguous, red label, for different market segments, the Harvard H2 also launched the red and blue points of different models of strategy. Two under the strategy from product design and configuration and style are different, the red label Harvard H2 is a all-match SUV fashion, fashionable appearance, exquisite workmanship, the most important is the all-match design style, so that more consumers with personalized choice. Not only that, the Harvard H2 rich configuration, intelligent technology level is low, also uses a few models at the same level of multi link independent rear suspension, which to a certain extent, can enhance the comfort and control. The Harvard H2 listed on the label just before the Chengdu auto show, the formation of complementary "doubles" in combination with red label H2. Lanbiao HAF H2 the new design, sports fashion temperament obviously. The Great Wall also began to play marketing, engage in happy sports + find red Chengdu auto show blue edge.相关的主题文章: