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"We have come to the" perfect ending of warm heart memories scattered not see Sohu   entertainment; "we have come to the" perfect ending Sohu entertainment news on October 7th, large Hunan TV reality show "women we come" in the beautiful Xinjiang finally came to a close, full season national network ratings 1.59, the average audience share of 5.05% both the size of the audience, more than 75 million people, the highest single audience size of 85 million people, the cumulative audience size of 380 million good results, certainly with the mainland variety show ratings of the crown. The program for three consecutive months of recording, the eight goddesses and two presenters from the original do not know, now this way not only cannot bear to part from each other, full of laughter, accompanied by more and more tears touched. The characteristics of Chinese culture traveling show tasting hundreds of delicious grapes, joy trample Grape Juice, roll out the barrel big game, beautiful Xinjiang is full of exotic, goddesses of laughter has been continued. "We have come to the" program group through the modern city of Macao, Suzhou, Chengdu Jiangnan gorgeous and colorful Yunnan, the coastal city of Dalian, exotic Xinjiang six representative China City, the modern culture and history and culture, beautiful scenery perfect combination together, through the guests live every act and every move to show to the audience; many of the relatively small category of art shows, such as musical dancing water, embroidery, opera, fire experience and so on, a positive energy will be infinite, "we have come to the" program group intentions embodied most incisive. Don’t tear the black star also has a true friendship "I am here to make friends, because I too long not to feel the warmth of friends", Joe Chen wiping away tears saying this, also did the entertainment star behind the scenes unknown. "As a well-educated and trained in military exercises" reality show, "we come" from the first episode of the "hit" kidney stem, star guests play up very hard, no idol burden. Everyone in the competition in the process of mutual encouragement, mutual help; privately more mutual nickname and mutual Tucao, open their hearts to talk with the girl’s frolicking to play together, become the life of each other like friends. In the complex entertainment, can harvest such a pure and beautiful friendship, can not help but sigh: they are so lucky! Laughter and tears to show the beauty of Oriental women as a file from the perspective of women’s reality show, we have come to show the goddess of the different charm. In the program, we recognize the elegant like desperately Niang Angie Chiu, Frank Carina Lau, the more aggressive and adorable Jiang Yiyan, funny kinder Sheenah, also saw the two dimension lovely girl Xu Jiao, international supermodel Xi Mengyao, sweet innocent idol drama queen Joe Chen, Karen Mok full of wit…… More intimate wit and host Wang Han Yuan Hong, that "we have come to the" the way of laughter does not stop, the amazing charm of Oriental women also embodied most incisive. Show the beauty of Oriental women, show the beauty of the local culture of China, the warm heart of the transfer of positive energy,!相关的主题文章: