Watch the 4000 pioneer Genji cut can still carry the experience hypersnap-dx

Watch the 4000 pioneer Genji cut can still experience the CARRY audience for the new season, many fans said Genji pain, actually otherwise, this paper bring you some personal understanding and experience of the Genji master group! How to CARRY the audience? 4000 master + Genji, take you to understand the world and I thought Genji first start of the season with the first national service Kenny (Zhou Meiling) double up 2 top 500! This season the beauty of the mother 9 hours on 4000+ I followed up master! The first post we all hope to see hope that we can learn something, or a strong version of Genji now hero, almost to play, strong ability to let him continue to hit the highlights of the harvest in qualifying! Take the first big change – Genji from 8 seconds to 6 seconds, 2 jump in climbing 2 cannot be reset jump, S can interrupt melee attack animation! In fact, everyone will think Genji badly weakened! But in my understanding, usually not sloppy, just weakened 3 dimensional mobility! Even the Genji:   right +V+S  three workers did not, this right can only be used +S+180° V or S+ back, right click the combo +V even better is almost invisible to the right hand movement! The damage: Genji essence: dart accuracy, distance of S master, 180° back proficiency Genji A Nubies Raiders A Nubies Temple (dotted bitmap) order to explain the offensive attack, defense! 1, pay attention to the attack point, this location can be seen across the platform, 2, start to pay attention to place if you see note 3, mad rats can take the highest point more clearly see the opposite team, no mad rats can also direct the left around after 4, if the front left note position, see the lineup there is the preferred location, kill milk, play group after ranking output position is very difficult to win the battle of weaning! 5, if the right entry point to the B note position, if no one around the cut back up directly after the bold, 6, left the top note there might be one point to point the Yin don’t forget: 7, enter the left side of the starting position of attention, if one can call his teammates eat together and then rushed directly, after 8, the positive attention should be paid on both sides of the enemy, pay attention to their health in a Genji can easily take a residual blood, above is the attack on this map to Genji note, Genji is very flexible, flexible use of motor performance even skilled use of Genji take away the residual blood enemy regiment before the war across the 5V6 is very difficult to win. The offensive team battle ideas, first in advance with the maomei to shield group S group V to E wave energy rub, withdraw to find a mate, this set of skills, skills are essential target of residual blood of the enemy, the enemy situation is full of blood to repair the damage in a team, no don’t go the fire was fierce, open E to help teammates hurt, if there is no residual enemy directly back to the S,.相关的主题文章: