War veterans and Holocaust survivors in Taicheng Chongyang words and reunion-misao

War veterans and Holocaust survivors in Taicheng Chongyang reunion this year and if the Double Ninth Festival, had participated in the battle of Nanjing war veterans, witnessed the survivors of the Nanjing massacre, witness the Nanjing surrender Chinese soldiers, accompanied by the Federation of volunteers in 1213, once again boarded the Nanjing six hundred years of Taicheng city wall. Chongyang with war witness climbing activities this year is the ninth year, the 88 year old survivor of the Nanjing massacre Jin Maozhi pointed to the wall of the mountain lake said: "I have not come up for decades, when we are walking on this floor, the building has not previously, here is really good, I also want to walk." Every old man in Nanjing lives in the memory of a city wall. Today, they are old, those who experience, associated with the city’s war, killing, victory or have solidified into the past glory. Volunteer at the company, participated in the battle of Nanjing Guangdong army 154 division three battalion of three veteran Li Gaoshan, witnessed the massacre of Nanjing Jin Maozhi, Chen Deshou, Guo Xiulan, Ni Chuanren, Liu Xingming, old man, and witnessed the surrender ceremony in Nanjing’s new six Army veteran Hou Lu Qing boarded the Taicheng. Chongyang has always been respecting tradition, two thousand years ago, having a good autumn dogwoods, overlooking the ancients, wine to longevity. The history of war and division, let people in troubled times, every festival thinking twice, chrysanthemum to tell the wishes of peaceful reunion. Today, the volunteers of the 1213 volunteers Union also with the public, in six hundred years of Taicheng, the traditional etiquette to the elderly, presented chrysanthemum wine, wearing dogwood. The old people are happy to distribute the Chongyang cake to the people around them, and also give you this birthday wish. In Taicheng, the new six Army veteran, 95 year old Hou Lu Qing to talk up troops back to Nanjing, she said, on the wall to sing the new six army, the sound of generosity, Lingyun ambition. It is reported that the veteran because of poverty is also supported by volunteers so far. Li Gaoshan, a 92 year old veteran of the war defending Nanjing, started urging his family and volunteers to contact him early yesterday to confirm the time. He said he could walk around the city wall and enjoy himself. 84 years old Guo Xiulan, is just the birthday festival, in the volunteer organization Chongyang feast at noon, faced with a sudden end out of the cake and cake red and he Shouxi birthday, grandma couldn’t help crying, she said that for so many years, this is the first birthday. For the city, each of them carries a memory of the city’s special historical period, and when they gather together, it is, to some extent, a microcosm of the city’s history. With the city’s witness together, six hundred years ago in the ancient city wall, drink a cup of chrysanthemum wine, a total of cornel, also let the citizens participate in the activities of the endless emotion, this is the return of traditional festivals, but also on the history of the tribute and remember.

抗战老兵与大屠杀幸存者台城过重阳 重聚话今昔 今年重阳佳节,曾参加过南京保卫战的抗战老兵,亲历南京大屠杀的幸存者,见证南京受降的中国军人,在1213联合会志愿者的陪同下,又一次登上南京六百年台城城墙。重阳陪战争亲历者登高的活动今年已经是第九个年头,今年88岁的南京大屠杀幸存者金茂芝指着城墙外的湖水远山说:“我已经几十年没上来过了,小时候我们都在这上面走过的,这些楼以前都没有,这边太好看了,我还想多走走。”每一个南京老人的心里都住着一段记忆里的城墙。今天,他们老了,那些亲历过的,与这个城市相关的战火、屠戮、胜利或荣光都已凝固为往昔。在志愿者陪伴下,参加过南京保卫战的粤军一五四师三营三连老兵李高山,亲历过南京大屠杀的金茂芝、陈德寿、郭秀兰、倪传仁、刘兴铭老人,还有见证南京受降仪式的新六军老兵候陆卿一同登上了台城。重阳历来有尊老敬老的传统,两千多年前,佩着茱萸,登高远眺秋色好的古人们,把酒祝长寿。历史的战乱分合,让身逢乱世的人们,每逢佳节倍思亲,借菊花诉说安宁团圆的心愿。今天,1213志愿者联合会的志愿者们也与市民一起,在六百年的台城之上,向老人行传统礼仪,敬献菊花酒,佩戴茱萸。老人们开心的将重阳糕分给周围的市民,也将这份寿喜祝福送给大家。站在台城上,原新六军老兵,95岁的候陆卿向大家讲起部队回到南京的经历,说着说着,在城墙上唱起了新六军军歌,其声慷慨,志气凌云。据悉,这位老兵因生活贫困也是由志愿者一直赡养至今。今年92岁的南京保卫战老兵李高山则从昨天一早就开始催促家人和志愿者联系,确认时间,他说能来城墙上走走,心里舒畅的很。84岁郭秀兰老人,恰好是重阳节生日,在志愿者中午组织的重阳宴上,面对突然端出来的蛋糕和大红贺寿喜糕以及生日礼物,奶奶忍不住哭了,她说这么多年,这是第一次过生日。对这个城市而言,他们每一个人身上都承载了一段这座城市特殊历史时期的记忆,当他们聚在一起,某种程度上,也成了这座城市历史的缩影。与这个城市的亲历者们一起,在六百年前的古城墙上,共饮一杯菊花酒,共插茱萸,也让参加活动的市民们感慨不已,这是传统节日的回归,也是对历史的致敬与铭记。相关的主题文章: