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Walton: the second new season will not start Russell’s top guard potential NBA a team of a movie: the Lakers Kobe retired to the end of Zijin collapse rebirth Tencent September 17th sports news according to the "Losangeles Daily News" reporter Mark Medina reported that the Lakers coach Luke – Walton in the interview that the new show Bangyan Brandon – Ingram the new season will not start, and Dan Gilo Russell praised. Shinco Michael playing from the bench will usher in his second child was born Walton this summer, but he did not enjoy more family time. Walton, on the other hand, quickly went into the Lakers’ preparations. On the second day of the Jinzhou braves’ s loss to the finals in the last seventh games, Walton drove from Oakland to Losangeles to attend his meeting with the lakers. Not long after his daughter Landon was born, Walton began a free agent recruitment. Over the past few seasons the Lakers in the West in the bottom position, so Walton spent more time and energy in the Las Vegas summer league. "I think it will be like the outside world overwhelmed, I didn’t lose my mind," Walton said in an interview on Friday, "I’m fine now. It’s not the kind of work that needs to rest on weekends, and it’s amazing to see which team I work for." The Lakers will hold a media open day local time in the United States in September 26th, 27, they will be launched in Santa Barbara before the new season training camp. For Walton, there is still a lot of work for him to do, but the manager think the Lakers have established a new team culture. "We have started to build relationships with the players," Walton said. "I think it’s the key to coaching. We try to make it fun and enjoyable, and that’s why we have more members involved. Are we competing? Are we fighting for each other? Are we selfish? Is our ball moving? If the answer to these questions is yes, then there is no doubt that we will have a successful season." The 36 year old Walton, a player he has played 9 seasons for the Lakers, follow the team won the 2009 and 2010 two consecutive championships, and retired in 2013. For the past two seasons, Walton has been an assistant coach for the warriors, and he returned to the Lakers this summer to sign a $five contract for the next 25 million years. In charge of Marshal Walton, the Lakers young players is expected to grow rapidly. "The performance of the team is determined by the efforts of the young players," Walton said. "We have discussed some problems, but in the end they need to be translated into practical action." The Lakers in this year’s draft pick by the talented striker Ingram selected Duke University. Plus Russell, Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson, Larry nance et al., the Lakers have already saved the young people. "I’m not going to put Ingram in the starting line-up right away," said Walton. "We want to use the starting position to reward young players who are doing well in order to train them. If there are only 10 games in the regular season, or in the playoffs, some veterans.相关的主题文章: