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Wade: I’m only Miami summer third choice heart has been broken [star] Wade highlights 16 points and 4 assists in one hand gliding sports news November 9th bull flip Tencent will be local time Thursday’s visit to Miami, this is Wade left played 13 years after the first battle of the old club miami. In the latest interview, Wade explained why he left the heat, saying he did not get the respect for his accomplishments. Wade and Butler back in July at the beginning of the free market in 2 years, Wade announced a $47 million contract to join the bulls, the surprising results. You know, Wade for the heat 13 years, led the team won the championship in three, has become the greatest star in the history of the team, he also has a deep affection for Miami. As long as the heat come up with enough sincerity in the contract, it may choose to leave Wade. In this interview, Wade admitted that he and the heat in the process of contracting a sense of disrespect. According to the situation at the time of the free market, the heat is the first to fight for Whiteside and compete for the extension of the Durant, and only third of the choice of the. Meanwhile, the heat management worried about the state of 34 year old Wade, do not want to provide a top salary contract. This let Wade see light suddenly, that is all business, he needs to consider for themselves, so make a most beneficial decision. I understand that Whiteside is the first choice of the heat, but also understand that they do their best to sign Durant." Wade said, "but at the same time, I also have to consider for themselves, to ensure that if the heat is not the way I want to negotiate, I have other options. Sure enough, the negotiation process with the heat is not as I wish." The heat is slight, so Wade began to take the initiative to seek home, Denver, bull and many other teams have dished out an olive branch. In the final analysis, this is the free market, the heat has their work to do, I have my own work to do." Wade said, "I just want the heat to know that I’m a free agent and I’m not going to die.". I wouldn’t say, ‘Hey, I’m waiting for the heat to come to me.’ I will follow my heart to make decisions." As everyone knows, Wade eventually chose to leave Miami to Chicago, this is not just because he can earn more money in the bull, but because his heart has been broken miami. When the heat back to the negotiating table, given a good contract, Wade’s heart is not in Miami. "Yes, I have a chance to go back to Miami, where I can make a lot of money, too." Wade said, "the heat was also a very good contract for me. Just wait till that time, my heart is somewhere else." (Sean) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: