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Understand that being single is the best time to add value – Sohu daily love letter: I collect all about you, do not know how long? Small tips: click on the top of the blue account name a key concern, reply number 0, view the depth of the twelve constellation analysis; reply to any letter A-Z, check the constellation love small test! Don’t be so lonely, maybe it’s more comfortable than love. Love has a cruel side, especially when it’s gone. A man’s days are filled with the joy of a man who has spent his time alone to build a city full of hearts. To this age, who do not want to please, and who is comfortable with who together, including friends, tired of hiding a little. Pleasing others is not as good as being happy. Rather lonely, also don’t want to. Would rather regret, nor will. Into my heart, I will be king. Not into my heart, disdain perfunctory. Light time, warmth, with a quiet and keep a quiet heart, not with sadness. The so-called art fan, not drinking Starbucks, holding a book in the dim light or listening to a piece of music "Representation", but have their own world, to live according to their own will. Bitter also eat, tired also get, life can be very simple, but it is full of heart. With the outside world how lively, but has a quiet heart. Not because of loneliness is not to find a suitable way of entertainment, to meet some of their own groups, love some handy, everyone is lonely a lot of people are not your impression of glitter and their unknown lonely you didn’t see it, not because of momentary emptiness upset you keep your thoughts. We are all the same, we must learn to bear the inevitable loneliness of life, too, to see the beautiful. You can’t be an orange, squeezing her juice is thrown away. You should be a tree, if exuberant. Be aware that being single is the best period of appreciation. When you are tired, you should close your eyes and take a deep breath, tell yourself you should stick to it, not so easily deny himself, who says you don’t have a good future, afterwards know about tomorrow’s genius, before all good, we have some unhappy days not because of a flaw, and give up a stick, even if you get no applause, to elegant curtain call, thanks to their careful pay. In the past, no matter how much trouble all want to find someone to talk to, and now met more difficult things, but rarely want to talk. You will want to keep a good distance from others, and you will learn the ability of self digestion. Those who have been close, and later alienated or even disappear friends, we do not have to blame each other with a new partner, do not have to regret the friendship fleeting, some things seem to be inevitable in reality. The road of life is very long, a lot of people can only accompany one of them, there must be separated from the discomfort of the conditions appear to be able to get together at the right time, open;相关的主题文章: