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Remember silence opened the Yushu disaster relief Memorial tourism "- Sohu (China News Agency) Beijing time 7:49 on April 14, 2010, 7.1 earthquake occurred in Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yushu province Yushu County, causing huge losses to people’s life and property safety. As of April 26th, the scope of the Yushu earthquake affected areas, the number of people affected by the initial report of 100 thousand people, rose to 200 thousand people. Qinghai provincial Civil Affairs Department deputy director Sun Lin said: at that time the hardest hit just in town, and now has spread to the hardest hit Yushu County, Long Bao Zhen Zhong Da Xiang, chindu County, and other counties." This is a press release at the time, although in the past six years but when I see this news, then the tragic scenes in TV still visible before the eyes. Final approval by the Qinghai Provincial Department of civil affairs, the Public Security Bureau and the Yushu government in accordance with the relevant provisions of the program, the Yushu earthquake has caused 2698 people were killed, including the victims of the students 199. In order to promote the "Yushu earthquake relief spirit of great love, the ultimate challenge, concentric, firm and indomitable Thanksgiving Endeavour", Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yushu City Town West Hangzhou built "Yushu earthquake relief memorial". The memorial started in April 10, 2012, completed in October 30, 2013, the memorial hall with an area of about 5776 square meters, the site covers an area of about 498 square meters, the earthquake ruins and memorial subject and Thanksgiving square is composed of three parts, building on the ground floor, two floors underground, seismic fortification intensity is 7 degrees. Multi angle, multi visual representation of the history of Yushu post disaster reconstruction, the new home of the new Yushu reconstruction after disaster surge high and sweep forward when the Yushu earthquake disaster, a total area of 35 thousand and 800 square kilometers, the hardest hit area of 4000 square kilometers, the direct economic loss of 22 billion 800 million yuan. The memorial hall is divided into the leadership of care, disaster relief, heroes spectrum, 6 plates of love. A piece of precious photos, a real scene, reproduced the tragic earthquake brings people grief, but also demonstrated during the earthquake relief community, Buweijianxian million people united as one man in the whole nation power". Hall by the more than 1 thousand earthquake relief photo composed of a love word particularly eye-catching. The earthquake site reserved 490 square meters of outdoor turning round is very regional religious facilities, we pray for the dead wheel rotation by chanting. Relief in the photo of a pupil from the rubble of the middle of the hall by Clifford supplies, engraved six words and Mani stone on both sides of the corresponding 414 butter lamps, to the traditional Tibetan for victims of the earthquake in Yushu. "In the middle of Thanksgiving will forge ahead, in grief will go forward." This is the voice of every person in Yushu. But some things never change, can not forget. I had asked the driver at the time when the earthquake in more and more in silence for a long time, I think this reminds him that he did not want to mention the past, I 1相关的主题文章: