The World University Rankings Peking University hit a new high in mainland China

THE World University Rankings: Beida China mainland university education high Tencent news London time on September 21, 2016, "times higher education" magazine released the 2016-2017 world university rankings, which is the release of the thirteenth edition of the world university rankings. University of Oxford, California Institute of Technology, Stanford University topped the rankings, with the two or three place. Mainland China has a total of 52 colleges and universities to enter the world university rankings, Peking University and Tsinghua University to enter the world’s top 50, respectively, in the top twenty-ninth and. Peking University, the highest ranking mainland Chinese universities. University of Oxford topped the rankings, Harvard University ranked sixth in the times higher education published by the world university rankings, University of Oxford ranked first last year, the California Institute of Technology ranked first down one, Stanford University ranked third. In 2015, Harvard University’s ranking fell from second place to the sixth place, this year, Harvard continues this ranking, missed the top five seats. Peking University ranked twenty-ninth, a high Chinese Mainland University in this year’s world university rankings, China, a total of 52 colleges and universities to enter the list of rankings, Peking University ranked twenty-ninth, a China Mainland University high, Tsinghua University to enter the world top 50, ranked thirty-fifth. University of Science & Technology China and Fudan University also entered the top 200 in the world, breaking the 153 and the 155. >相关的主题文章: