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The Taihu River Basin and water resources of the river southeast of Provincial Quality Bulletin – environmental protection – original title: Taihu river basin water resources and the Provincial Quality Status Bulletin River southeast of Taihu basin water environment monitoring center in September 2016 1 to 8 days of the Taihu basin and southeastern rivers, water quality monitoring of World Water resources. The standard of water quality evaluation was based on the surface water environmental quality standard (GB3838-2002), and the evaluation criteria of lake trophic status (SL395-2007) were used in the assessment of lake trophic status. A Taihu River Basin, provincial water quality (a) provincial boundary river water quality in Taihu River Basin in September 2016 provincial river 34 monitoring sections, the 8.8% section water quality reached the class III water standard, the remaining section of water are polluted, which accounted for 64.7% of the class IV, V accounted for 20.6%, worse than grade V accounted for 5.9%. Compared with the same period in 2015 and last month, the provincial boundary river water reached or better than the class III ratio decreased 3%. Shanghai boundary 6 river monitoring sections, Liuhe Taihe bridge, large and small Zhu Shegang Pearl Harbour Bridge and sand Qiandeng bridge 3 Pu Pu Qiandeng section of water class III, Wusongjiang bridge and Shipu emergency water port of Zhouzhuang bridge 2 section of water V, salt pond town star bridge section water quality is inferior in class v. Jiangsu and Zhejiang boundary 14 river monitoring sections,, Tang Tao Zhuang hub, Hong Kong Chapter Wanwei ramp highway bridge, South Bridge, three long village Wang Hong Kong Sheng Luo Bridge, Su Tang? Zhejiang junction, North Bridge, Jiangnan canal Xincheng bridge and rakuto Tang Lan Xi Tang Taishi Bridge 8 section of water IV North Building, Hengtang bridge, Taiping Bridge, Ma Xi Lin Bridge, double port Shuanglin Xincheng Tang San and Miaogang Ukraine Tangqiao Tower Bridge 5 section of water V, Dade Tong Siyuan bridge section of water is inferior to the v. Zhejiang boundary 12 river monitoring sections, Ding Ding gate Zhagang hub, hongqitang Henggang bridge, Fentou port hub, Shun Feng Nan Tang Jing bridge, Pu Tong Bridge, Huang Ze cool Gutang jinsiniang bridge, Luqiao, Jing Hui high air six Li Tang six Li Tang Bridge, Shanghai, Qingyang Hui Tang Yu Hui Tong Yu Hui North bridge and fan Tang Monk Jing Zhu Feng highway and Jing bridge 11 section of water type IV rod surface port east bridge section of water v. The water quality of the Jinze section of the Su Hu Hu boundary. Zhejiang and Anhui border Si’an Tang Yang Qiao section of water v. (two) the water quality of Taihu Lake Lake Provincial average water quality category IV, the nutritional status of moderate eutrophication. Taihu 33 monitoring points, 9 Lake water quality evaluation, the evaluation results show that the waters of Taihu for 27% class III, 49% of type IV, 21.1% V, 2.9% V is inferior to. Nutritional status evaluation showed that the whole lake in Taihu was moderately eutrophic, 68.6% of which was slightly eutrophic, and the other 31.4% were moderately eutrophic. Taihu’s main water quality index average concentration values were: L, ammonia nitrogen permanganate index of 5.30? 0.10? L; Taihu nutrition evaluation index average concentration values were: 0.099 L, total nitrogen and total phosphorus? 1)相关的主题文章: