The opening of the third rural tourism culture festival in Arong Qi rainism

The third session of the Arong Qi Rural Tourism Cultural Festival Opening Ceremony – Travel Channel starting in August 28th, Greater Khingan Range shepherd Hot Spring Festival the third session of the Arong Qi Forest Village Rural Tourism Cultural Festival opened in Hulun Buir City, the shepherd Zhai tourism scenic spots. The Secretary for the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry bureau director Guo Rongqin, Hulun Buir city tourism bureau Party Secretary Toya, Aaron Luan Tianmeng, deputy secretary of state Jin Yimin, Feng Fangxiang, head of Party’s people’s Congress Chairman Sun Guihua, chairman of the CPPCC Han Guangwen’s four team and relevant leaders attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by the Arong Qi people’s government head of Feng Fangxiang. In the opening ceremony of the third Arong Qi rural tourism and cultural festival held a warm congratulations. Toya pointed out that Arong Qi is an important part of the development of tourism industry in Hulun Buir, Hulun Buir is to deepen the "4+1" Urban Tourism Alliance, an important gateway for the regional tourism cooperation in Heilongjiang province. In recent years, with the development of leisure agriculture and rural tourism as the theme, taking the rural tourism cultural festival as the carrier, relying on the beautiful natural scenery, rich cultural heritage, unique ecological landscape, rich folk customs, location and transportation advantages, to achieve the rapid development of the tourism industry of Hulun Buir City tourism development, become the bright younger generation. Forest hot spring is a kind of new style of holiday, which is very popular in modern society. Arong Qi Shanqingshuixiu, enrichment of forest resources in Greater Khingan Range, the shepherd Zhai forest spa district has hosted the festival activities, also make up the blank of Hulun Buir city without hot springs resort, opening a new chapter of tour of Hulun Buir leisure sports, health. Hope that Arong Qi can take advantage of this opportunity to further enhance the visibility and reputation, promote the development of tourism industry, has become an important base of Hulun Buir self driving tour, across Xingan ridge, into an important node of prairie tourism on the line. In the warm applause, Guo Rongqin issued a "plaque national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration counties" to Arong Qi. During this festival, we will carry out a series of activities such as camping, forest Hot Spring Festival, cycling and so on. Click here to watch the video of the best tourist information > China; > opening ceremony dance event crowded Tourism Festival Tourism Festival highlights highlights (Zhao Yuanyuan: commissioning editor (Intern), even pure)相关的主题文章: