The flowers were settled Park 24 years with charmingly adorable visitors (Figure) – Beijing

The flowers were "settled" Park 24 years with charmingly adorable visitors (Figure) – Beijing northeast news network October 13th Longsha Park shuttle small rat (aka five eyebrow), which with a tail, often with paws holding food in the lawn and flowers "sell adorable", very full adorable flower visitors, mouse, do you know anything about it? The reporter to help you Pa Pa Longsha park flowers in the little-known story "". It should start in April 1992, at that time in order to meet the Children’s Day, rich in entertainment content, when he was director of the Li Fuguo Park in the viewing area decided to set up a "small" zoo, and according to the existing park animal species, planning, then head of animal raising and management deputy director of the Wang Bingjun Park, visited Beijing, Shanghai Harbin zoo, the introduction of more than and 10 rat hippocampus, Grackle floret, nearly 500 varieties of small animal head (only). Among them, the introduction of the 200 rats, rats in these flowers "small" zoo, are at the beginning of the Five Ornamental cage, flowers were alive and kicking, look smart and lovable, gradually, because the space is small, and the difference with The climate does not suit one. environment, upstream food and other reasons caused by the indiscriminate use of passengers. Part of death. After a year and a half, leaving only more than and 90 flowers in the garden, the final decision, the remaining surviving wild flowers were, at that time, more than 10 in the west of the lake temple keeper Shou labor, will survive all the flowers in the stocking. Since then, the mouse in the park free survival, reproduction, growth, and always appear in front of visitors. According to Wang Bingjun introduction, flowers were very strong vitality, life is 7-8 years, and reproductive ability, breeding year 1-2 times, every child 4-6, according to preliminary statistics, 8 year survival is only calculated, deduct the amount, annual death at present, now the total at least in thousands of flowers in. It is understood that in recent years, trapping floret rat phenomenon has occurred, to remind the general public, found that this phenomenon should be promptly reported to the parks department, visitors to eat flowers were indiscriminately, not in the garden, treat the animal, harmony. (reporter Li Ruoshiwen photo)相关的主题文章: