The first dunk too excited 13 year old hanging basket at Beijing in tendon

The first dunk too excited 13 year old hanging basket at Beijing tendon in Washington (reporter correspondent Hu Fangyuan Jing Tong) playing basketball finally learn to dunk, excitement will be right hanging on the basket, the body suddenly vacant, just landed on the right ring finger feel severe pain can not bend. 13 year old Xiao Hui is a junior high school freshman in Enshi, usually like to play basketball. Monday afternoon after school, small Hui and class 5 other classmates to play 3 to 3 games, small Hui see who shoots just entered, leaped up on, "was a jump, touched the rim, not only hit the ball into the basket, people are still hanging on for a few seconds." Small Hui said first dunk feeling very excited, but after a few minutes, the right ring finger began to terrible pain. Two days later, Xiao Hui found that the finger is not only red and can not bend. Yesterday morning, the small Hui parents with him from Enshi to Wuhan city love hospital hand surgery, Xing Danmou, director of careful examination after the diagnosis, the patient’s right finger flexor tendon rupture, immediately for small Hui surgery. Surgery doctors will be small Hui right index finger along the medial incision, found subcutaneous sheath, the flexor tendon disappeared, after careful exploration has found back to palm tendon rupture, then the doctor with a piece of wire to retraction of the tendon through the sheath and back to the tip of the finger suture. The collision force will close at hand to flexor tendon broken." Xing Danmou said, small Hui finger flexor tendon rupture reason is finger pull to the basket of the moment, the traction caused by violence.相关的主题文章: