The Beiyang government military action Documentary Mongolia and Siberia — to Guangxi

The Beiyang government military action Documentary: Mongolia and Siberia — to Guangxi channel — original title: Beiyang government military action to Mongolia and Siberia Documentary: This article from the "soldier" into the north, Sasu, Chinese Bookstore Publishing Chinese government in the north of the postwar military action documentary (1) Xu Shuzheng immediately purchase "Coulomb my head one hundred thousand gold, I also really can avoid bosom friend" — Xu Shuzheng China modern history, once a little-known military action, that is the Northern Warlords Government sent troops to Siberia and mongolia. After the first World War, the Soviet Union is a mess, after the October revolution, the Red Army victories, the Russian Far East Territory into a state of anarchy, originally supported by Russia’s Mongolia independence forces also lose their focus. Chinese Beiyang government use this opportunity to send a general Xu Shuzheng to the northwest, to recover Mongolia in 1918, a Russian decided to send troops to Siberia, participate in the joint military interference, guarding Sanjiang, and further tried to recover northeast territory. The commander in chief of the outer Mongolia is general Xu Shuzheng. It was Chinese, although weak, but in the face of war endlessly, national interests, still there is no lack of a cavity blood of patriots. Xu Shuzheng, Jiangsu, Xiaoxian. The scholar who. The warlord of Anhui’s, was 1905 was sent to the Japanese army officer school, after graduation to return to Duan Qirui, the Senate and the first six military army chief of staff, was Duan Qirui’s right-hand man. The romantic zishang, heroic poetry, once said: "I bought one hundred thousand gold head, I also really can avoid a bosom friend." Zhang Xueliang for their admiration, called "the horse thief killed, dismount loubu". Sa’s view, a person who is the Zhou Gongjin class, Humphreys Gu song, but bearing the narrow, and one on the Outer Mongolia issue, is really beneficial to the nation. Xu has a political mind, Sun Zhongshan and his leadership has always been close to the revolutionary party. He and the veteran Xu Shichang and said the "two Xu", Xu Shichang called Xu Shuzheng and Xu, called Xiao xu. Yuan Shikai became the emperor, he urged Duan Qirui to boycott, once removed from the yuan. In 1917 he led Zhang Xun away Li Yuanhong instigated a military action, afterwards Taoping Zhang Xun, then Minister of the army, actively advocated force of national unity. When the 1911 Revolution took place in Russia, Mongolia and the king’s coercion selling instigation, declared independence from the motherland. Sun Zhongshan and Xu Shuzheng have expressed outrage that the press called "Chinese was only determined to two Patriots to defend at all costs Mongolia soil loss". But when China does not have the ability to defend their borders, so in addition to protest outside can only sit. On the eve of the October revolution to the sovereignty of China in Outer Mongolia almost lost, Mongolia has become Russia’s colonial! The chaos of the October revolution brought Mongolia back to china. However, how not to stimulate the powers of the premise, relying on limited power to regain this territory? This is considered an important issue of Beiyang government. In fact, from the outbreak of war, the Beiyang government is considering the use of Russia in the far)相关的主题文章: