The bathroom mirror was also included. popkart

The bathroom mirror was also included players?? in the relatively small area of the bathroom, storage is a very difficult thing. In fact, the task can be handed over to the mirror to complete these can receive ~ mirror, can not only solve the problem of collecting, and to take the use is very convenient, you won’t want to miss the ~?? combined round mirror and the long shelf, shape and angular and rounded, and increases the function of storage. Only need to slightly extend the border, the mirror can also bring their own tray, you can achieve a small thing to receive. An upgraded version can prevent items from falling. ?? Although only the lower shelf can put things, but make a circle frame, the overall shape can also be more three-dimensional. Again, to strengthen the upgraded version, this mirror can not only put things, the following also comes with a row of hooks, hanging a towel what is not too convenient. ?? This is relatively common, both sides opened, layered clear, can put down almost all of the amenities. ?? The geometric hexagonal mirror, need such a wall mirror + shelf home. ?? Several partitions are good, as long as enough solid, ornaments, storage items are not a problem. ?? The mystery behind the mirror, not only plays a supporting role in the mirror, holding up to. On the board of the mirror is doomed to the DIY property, and do it yourself, you want a few layers of nails. Light colors and plants together also very seductive.相关的主题文章: