Taxi driver sells fake 2600 yuan, Lancome sells 400 yuan, also takes small ticket (video)-polartec

The "taxi driver" selling fake 2600 yuan Lancome sold 400 yuan with a small ticket beautiful lie fake harm before the public Lee call the Shenyang Evening News Hotline 96009-1 said, a man claiming to be a taxi driver to sell brand-name cosmetics. The man first picked up some cosmetics in the taxi seat, and then took out the "shopping ticket"". Ms. Lee bought the so-called "2600 yuan" brand cosmetics from the man at the price of 400 yuan, but after the event, she found that these cosmetics may be fakes. See the "small ticket" you thought it is fake people Ms. Lee told the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter, a few days ago, she drove home, had just parked the car in the neighborhood, then a man came and said. Man called himself a brother, picked up some cosmetics on the seat of the car, ready to sell at a low price. The man said, "take out a set of" Lancome "brand cosmetics. Ms. Li told reporters, in the process of looking at the cosmetics, the man told her that cosmetics are passengers in the taxi, and said he divorced for many years, and now live together with his son, this thing can not be used. Ms. Li told the man that he could not use his pregnancy. The man told her that his condition is very difficult, now missing items passengers can not find, therefore, to the cosmetics sold for cash. Ms. Lee thinks the man is miserable, but worried that it is fake. The man saw Lee’s concerns, and took out a pink shopping ticket from the bag". When she opened the package to see the bottle, she knew it was fake. Ms. Li said that she saw the word "shopping little ticket" and the word "shopping little ticket" was similar to the usual shopping small ticket, and also had an official seal. "Besides the mall does have a Lancome store," said I can’t give you much, also eighty yuan. ". The man says, "you see how much money is on a small ticket." I think it’s more than 2600 yuan, and it’s 5 things." Lee said, "the man finally said," give 400 yuan, when it is help. "." Ms. Lee told reporters, she gave the man 400 yuan, after the cosmetics back home, but always feel uneasy. On the second day, she found the store counter to check it. "It sells small bottles, not big bottles."." Ms. Lee said, she opened a package, found that the bottle is very rough, see it is false. Ms. Li is interested in "small ticket", Ms. Lee said, she opened the set of cosmetics, to see that there are impurities in the emulsion, mask packaging is not right, smells pungent, but also smoked eyes. "Shopping ticket" must also be forged." Ms. Lee concludes. Ms. Lee learned that after the inquiry, this "falling in the car" Lancome scam, has repeatedly appeared in the field. "Changchun and Harbin have appeared this situation, swindlers are claiming to be brother, picked up the passengers thing, there are regular votes." Ms. Li said, if only say that cosmetics, she will not be tempted, and really let her tempted, is the regular "shopping ticket"".

“出租车司机”卖假货 2600元兰蔻卖400元还带小票 美丽的谎言 假货的危害 日前,市民李女士拨打沈阳晚报新闻热线96009-1称,一名自称是出租车司机的男子向其兜售名牌化妆品。男子先是称在出租车座位上捡到了一些化妆品,而后还拿出了“购物小票”。李女士最后以400元的价格从男子那里买了所谓价值2600元的名牌化妆品,但事后她发现,这些化妆品可能是假货。看到“小票”你还寻思是假的吗市民李女士告诉沈阳晚报、沈阳网记者,几天前,她开车回家,刚刚将车停在家附近,便有一名男子走过来和其搭话。男子称自己是一名的哥,在车座位上捡到了一些化妆品,准备低价出售。男子一面说,一面拿出一套“兰蔻”品牌的化妆品。李女士告诉记者,在查看化妆品的过程中,男子告诉她,化妆品是乘客落在出租车上的,并称自己离婚多年,现在和儿子住在一起,这东西用不上。李女士告诉男子,自己怀孕也用不上。男子告诉她,他家条件很困难,现在遗失物品的乘客也找不到,因此,打算把化妆品卖了换钱。李女士觉得男子挺可怜的,但担心是假货。男子看出了李女士的顾虑,主动从袋子里掏出了一张粉色的“购物小票”。打开包装一看瓶子就知是假的李女士说,她看到“购物小票”有某大商场字样,“购物小票”与平时的购物小票很像,还有公章。“再说那个商场里面确实有一个兰蔻专柜,我说‘多了给不了你,也就百八十元吧’。男子说‘你看小票上多少钱啊’,我一看是2600多元,是5样东西。”李女士说,“男子最后说‘就给400元吧,当是帮忙’。”李女士告诉记者,她给了男子400元后,将这套化妆品拿回了家,但是总觉得不放心。第二天,她找到那家大商场的专柜进行核实。“那里面只卖小瓶的,不卖大瓶子装的东西。”李女士说,她打开一个包装,发现里面的瓶子非常粗糙,一看就知道是假的。让李女士动心的是“小票”李女士说,她打开那套化妆品后,看到乳液里面还有杂质,面膜的包装也不对,闻起来味道刺鼻,还熏眼睛。“购物小票”也一定是伪造的。”李女士推断。李女士查询后得知,这种“落在车里的兰蔻”骗局,曾在外地多次出现。“长春和哈尔滨都出现过这种情况,骗子都是自称的哥,捡到的是乘客的东西,有正规的小票。”李女士说,如果仅仅说是化妆品,她也不会动心,真正让她动心的,是那张正规的“购物小票”。相关的主题文章: