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"Super moon" by the crowd of experts said that this phenomenon is not rare – Beijing "nearly 70 years of the super moon, miss to wait for 18 years!" , the world will appear in twenty-first Century, the largest super moon landscape!"…… 7:21 last night, the moon and the earth in recent year, about half an hour later, the long-awaited "super full moon party. Question 1 "super full moon" rare? This year has been three times! "Super moon" rare? The Ancient Observatory, Dr. Wang Yumin said, the so-called "super moon" is the moon from earth near distance, the moon within a year to 12 times around the earth, and every month after the perigee, the nearest time may reach 350 thousand kilometers, generally in the 360 thousand to 370 thousand kilometers, so it is a relatively common phenomenon. And when the full moon is close to the time of the perigee, the "super moon" will be extraordinarily large. "The moon is more than two hours away from the perigee and the full moon, and it is indeed the closest to full moon since 1948." However, astronomy and does not require the full moon perigee distance how many kilometers was named "super moon", and the full moon and perigee nearly every year, for example, so far this year there have been three "super moon", because at the time is not long, the moon will be very big and round. Question 2 the moon diameter increased by 14%? In fact, the naked eye can not see! Many media reports, the super moon looks bigger than usual 14%, brightness will increase by about 30%, this data is how to get it? Wang Yumin said, the diameter of the moon is fixed, but with our distance is not the same, with trigonometric function can be calculated on the moon we angle size is not the same, the maximum than the big 14% hours. This "supermoon" 350 thousand kilometers from earth, the longest distance is 405 thousand kilometers, 35 more than 40.5 is about 86.4%, the distance is shortened by 14%, the diameter increased 14% looks. Data are correct, that is, the original base is too small, the amount of increase looked amazing, in fact, it is difficult to distinguish from the naked eye alone." Wang Yumin pointed out that the moon is particularly large, the higher the small, its diameter is 100% to 200%, "human" misconception "had" covered the change of super full moon. "." Question 3 is the moon? Look is the feelings! "It’s not super, I just want to see the moon!" Last night, the moon in the social networking platform Shuabing: Ningxia the Yellow River, Beijing the Imperial Palace watchtower on the moon, Lhasa, Potala Palace…… At the same time, many netizens shixing. Sina micro-blog global relay live us and Australia, Beijing, India, South Africa, the global "super moon" live, only one hour will attract millions of viewers, 5 hours after about 3500000 people have watched the live broadcast. Shortly after, Sina micro-blog live into a "Wishing Wall": "happy healthy life", "I hope I can grow ten cm" and "to" take off "," college entrance examination next year smoothly"…… And Tencent 3相关的主题文章: