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Sina China viewpoint: nine degrees LG swept South Korea "double arrow" breaking the first finals party Yifei were in a fierce competition in the sina sports watch replay twenty-first LG Cup semi-final in November 16th, China and South Korea two collision China players to play well, Zhou Rui Pu Tinghuan, Yifei Liqin Party defeated Zhenxu Shen, China to recapture the lost the two session of the LG cup. The world series this year in the LG Cup race was dragged a long, especially to the sixteen war in the quarter finals interval of 5 months, almost Qimi forget the two rounds before the war. The LG cup in May 30th this year launched the first round of the tournament, China players performed well, 9 people rounded out the top 16, Li Shishi coulee after breaking the man-machine war nine straight streak the most exciting, Meng Tailing beat defending champion Jiang Dongrun, Peng Liyao out of gold Chi tin is also a great victory. But Van Yunruo lost to South Korea’s upset Jiang Weijie, Cui Jing, Yu Mi Ting respectively by Pu Tinghuan and Li Yingjiu out. The first round of South Korea at 6 to 5, equivalent. In June 1st sixteen of the war, the first battle and eye-catching, white Pu Tinghuan beat kija, reached three wins this year against the enemy, the two against the total score to 4 than 3, so that the Korean chess is very exciting. Shen Zhenxu also defeated Tuo Jiaxi young, a fight with Pu Tinghuan potential. Fortunately, other players China outstanding performance, all the remaining four win in the field of China and South Korea in the war, Chen Yaoye eliminated the last runner up Pu Yongxun, Zhou Ruiyang, Peng Liyao, Li, Li Dongxun and Li Yingjiu respectively with Cui fine at 4 to 2, China and South korea. Party Yifei beat Japan’s only child Meng Liao, Tailing defeated Yan Huan, China six, two in Korea among the eight. At that time, Pu Tinghuan was regarded as the "enemy of the world and kija for the first person, China chess up and down to his very seriously, but also Zhenxu teenager Shen splendor, to be vigilant. Guessed, to study trend of the beginning of the second half of White clouds change into grey dogs. months, Chinese Qunying bloom, showing a reign of terror in the Braun cup, should the cup, Samsung Cup, the new Austrian cup competition, the small park and small Shen continuous competition in the world stage was Chinese players thrash, let Korea go into a trough. But the world series after another, in the South Korean chess fans desperate lament, LG Cup quarter finals finally broke out, they surprise found that South Korean chess still has the chance of redemption. The historical process of the LG cup is very interesting, was the garden after the South Korean players, won six of the previous eight, sixth to eighth more consecutive won four. With the rise of Chinese go, LG cup was China players for thirteenth to eighteenth of the chaebols, reached six consecutive win, the total number of exceeding korea. Nearly two LG Cup finals for Korean rally, swept, Pu Tinghuan and Jiang Dongrun successively with cup competition two ranks among the world champion. This is despite the Chinese six eight siege two South Koreans pattern, but out of kija and draw the unhappy, so we did not optimistic. Sure enough, in the face of their own had been pressed Pu Tinghuan coulee has been inadequate, and not big dragon, disc lost, swallowed this year against the young rivals in the three fly相关的主题文章: