Shenyang North South Expressway north this morning traffic speed limit of 80 kilometers an

Shenyang North South Expressway north opening hours this morning speed limit of 80 kilometers north part of Expressway Viaduct built Shenyang’s first full acoustic screen. North South Expressway Expressway Shenyang City Project Construction Committee for the long-awaited opening of 6 am this morning. In the future, drive from unity Road, xiaobeiguan Street Road Viaduct to the North Third Ring Road overpass Zhu Ertun only 15 minutes, than driving on the road surface shorten about half an hour, less 18 lights. North South Expressway project is Shenyang city of Victoria, two horizontal and two vertical and eighteen shot "high road network planning in the first main line north and South"". Project south near the South Wu’ai overpass, North North Sanhuan (highway) Zhu Ertun, a total length of 17 km. The northern section of the viaduct road length of 12 km today launched the first, accounted for 70% of the total line length, the remaining three become the middle and South tunnel construction is still wildly beating gongs and drums. Yesterday, the good road north of the viaduct has been painted markings, speed limit of 80 km maximum hours, a minimum of 40 kilometers hours, the weight limit of 20 tons. Viaduct has also been limited to high pole, limit the height of 3.6 meters. Before the official opening of the viaduct, the reporter on the viaduct on the rapid passage of experience. The four section of the viaduct is a total length of 7.285 km, and the remaining nearly 5 kilometers for the ground wiring road. When traveling on the bridge, can be 80 km per hour fast through, but in the road on the ground, still need to speed down to about 50 km. Unity Road, xiaobeiguan street intersection on the north side of the viaduct from the south, arrived in North Sanhuan Zhu Ertun interchange, full time for 15 minutes. Currently, drove all the way to the North Viaduct, still need to wait in front of a group of lights in front of the Shenyang University, but also do not have to wait too long, a general set of lights can be passed. City construction project department responsible person, at present here is building a bridge across the street, the bridge is completed, the signal lamp can also be canceled, realize rapid transit. Nearly 1000 inclusive acoustic screen comparable to high-speed rail as sightseeing tunnel approach road on a viaduct from unity Road, xiaobeiguan street intersection, you can feel the out of the ordinary expressway. To open a new unity Road section, set up a sound insulation screen full length of nearly 1 kilometers, driving fast through, there is a walk through the tunnel in the middle of the feeling. City construction project department responsible person, this is Shenyang city’s first full screen sound, sound absorbing performance and firmness with high sound insulation screen is iron. Although it feels like walking in the middle of the tunnel, but because of all the sound insulation screen is provided with a 8 meter wide "skylight", which is not running in the sense of depression. The roof facing the following, is anti wall specially designed grooves, "pink Cyclamen" let this "tunnel" effect of sightseeing. In security, fully enclosed sound insulation screen the sides and top of the landscape window is used in shock resistant transparent insulation board 15 mm thick reinforced acrylic, even if the impact will not be scattered. In order to prevent an accident caused crash safety accidents caused by the insulation board, insulation board and all sound-absorbing panels also installed anti dropping wire rope. An important reminder of unity Road, xiaobeiguan street intersection congestion can go north or Wanghua interchange, wicker Lake Middle and South overpass ahead of the shunt because expressway is under construction in tunnel.相关的主题文章: