Shenyang held to commemorate the 918 anniversary of the event – the new year – ca1477

Shenyang held to commemorate the 85 anniversary of the "918" incident – Beijing Beijing in August 25 Shenyang Xinhua (reporter Zhu Mingyu) "918" Shenyang History Museum held to commemorate the 85 anniversary of "918" incident in 25 days. "918" is the only Museum of history China fully reflect the "918" event in the history of the museum, through the display of a large number of cultural relics and historical photos, reflecting the Japanese imperialism in Northeast China China brutal colonial rule, and the reproduction of China fought and eventually won the great victory of the Anti Japanese war. On the day of the commemoration, the organizers invited more than 60 well-known domestic experts to participate. The Central Committee of the Communist Party History Research Center researcher Li Rong and other experts in the "918" incident historical background as the theme, around the inevitability of Japan launched the "918" incident; planning and deployment of military exercises in Japan launched the "918 incident"; "918" incident related literature research to exchange. In "the Supreme People’s court in People’s Republic of China in 60 years ago (Shenyang) special military tribunal trial of Japanese war criminals" defense lawyer Li Changtai, clerk Quan Deyuan, Ma Fengyun staff and other witnesses also came to the scene. Li Changtai as a trial Yoshifusa male tiger and Kimoto Yukio Utsu Xiong, the war criminal defense lawyer, to the public about the Japanese war criminals in China people’s justice "kneel kowtow, pleaded guilty to repentance, thanks to Chinese people not to kill ex" historical scenes. According to the "918" Shenyang History Museum, responsible person, this commemoration is the museum built in 25 years of academic level and influence of the largest one, is of great practical significance and historical significance, to study the opportunity of deepening the "918" incident, the history of the Chinese people’s Anti Japanese War history. (end)相关的主题文章: