Shanghai Coach Yi Jianlian is very happy to limit the success of

Shanghai Coach: Yi Jianlian of limited success to beat Guangdong happy CBA League fifth round 111 to 88 victory over the Shanghai team home court of Guangdong men’s basketball team, the Shanghai team’s top scorer Frey Dieter scored 51 points, this is the Shanghai men’s basketball team for the first time in 15 years in the home court win over Guangdong men’s basketball team as a strong opponent. Their last win at home against Guangdong was 15 years ago in 2001, when Yao Ming was still in the team. And now Yao Ming is the boss of the team. For today’s game, Liu Peng said: the team morale is sufficient, the opponent can be limited to 88 points, well done defense. Today, we have more assists than the other team, 16 times, we are playing team basketball. There are 4 scores on the double, hoping to continue to adhere to." When it comes to the other key defense, Liu Peng said the whole is successful, this is also an important reason for the team to win today: "Yi Jianlian’s a great defender, Yi Jianlian scored 42 points, today only scored 27 points, Boozer got 10 points, up to us before for defensive purposes." When it comes to the current rotation of the team, a reporter believes that although the team made 5 winning streak, but the overall rotation is still relatively small. Should we increase the rotation and prepare for the next long League? This Liu Peng said: "because the league has just started, the team in order to win, so the rotation will be less, the next will be in different rotation of some of the players of different times." 15 years ago, the season Shanghai team defeated the Guangdong team’s home court, or a member of the Liu Peng team, as coach led to victory over the Guangdong team, Liu Peng said: "we are very happy that we finally won the championship, the overall strength is very strong at that time, each location has a very strong team. Now CBA has been completely different with the year, we still do their games to play. Of course, the Guangdong team is still very strong, able to beat the Guangdong men’s basketball team, I feel very happy."相关的主题文章: