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The rooster peck cause neighborhood disputes   police mediation bidialect to – Hubei Channel – Daye in October 8, October 8th, Hubei, Daye City Public Security Bureau, Jinhu police station by repeatedly mediation, eventually because of neighborhood disputes caused by Rooster peck two parties shake hands. In September 7th this year at 8 o’clock in the morning, 30 year old Dong to Jinhu police station said: the morning of September 5th, because of a chicken with the neighbors danmou altercation, danmou plastic basin for his face, neck and other parts injured. After the alarm, the police immediately to check the injury and Dongmou investigation work. It is reported that, on the morning of September 5th, when the 34 year old stone to go out, was to raise a cock to the east. Angry stone began chasing cock, this scene was just Dongmou see. Dongmou blame stone should not pursue his raised chicken, the two sides dispute altercation. The quarrel, Dong Mouxian hit the stone a slap in the face, under danmou angry, picked up the side of a chicken feed plastic basin, a hit in Dongmou body, causing Dongmou fragments cut. The police take into account the Dongmou hit first, both parties and neighbours, in line with the idea of harmony, while the police investigation, while patiently doing ideological work of both sides. After several police patient mediation, and ultimately agreed to compensate Dongmou Dongmou medical expenses 400 yuan, the two sides have given up each other’s legal responsibility, and promised no longer cause disputes. (Chen Qiming Xia Chongbo) (Zhang Juan, commissioning editor Guan Xiyan)相关的主题文章: