Rio Olympic champion Shi Zhiyong Wenzhou high speed rail way to buy ticket for standing room no know bleep

Rio Olympic champion Shi Zhiyong Wenzhou high speed rail way to buy ticket for standing room no one knows the Olympic champion to take the high-speed rail road station is actually a back, has not been any recognized, you believe that? Last month, he was still in the Rio Olympic weightlifting arena all-powerful, won the gold medal in the men’s 69 kg class, domineering is impressive; and just past the Mid Autumn Festival, he alone from Ningbo to take the high-speed rail to Qingtian with special guest low-key back and forth, a beautiful village in Zhejiang province Zhejiang newspaper group to participate in the Olympic Games hosted by the public welfare activities, in order to return to Guangxi early seat tickets are sold out, and came to my parents, he simply in the high-speed rail station of the two hours, just from WenZhou Railway Station to Ningbo, the road was not recognized by anyone, of course, there is no so-called "worry those big star". He is a 23 year old Shi Zhiyong, the new Olympic champion, "my life as before without any change." He said. Let the weightlifter curling, and is responsible for the layout of the occupying base, like Hercules embroidery, is a bit difficult for Shi zhiyong. Never touched a curling he was very attentive to send in their first vote, but curling roared past, extremely elegant and valuable, hit the bottom line. Played the 3 game, each cast has just more than fierce, he began to impatient, and asked: how not to go skiing? Curling and skiing are high in Qingtian County township for the development of leisure sports and the new investment project is one of the Winter Olympic Games, rural experience activities. Shi Zhiyong born divine, but never tried to play winter sports, but, where manufacturers live. His style is a dash of skiing, no fear, fell after a few times, then has the slide and not stand down, is a bit workaholic character. "I’m not afraid, will fall off, what started to fall?" He concluded. 12 years ago, it was with his namesake Ooishi Zhiyong in the Athens Olympic Games gold medal that year, 11 year old Shi Zhiyong was first coach from Guangxi five pass home selected pick to Zhejiang Ningbo, began with a lump of iron to deal with the occupation career. At that time he was active, difficult to manage, after training to keep their coach; then all the way to grow, in 2014 to become the focus of seedling, but suffered a serious back injury, continuous absence of competition; even in April of this year’s Olympic trials, Shi Zhiyong still lost to the same level of brother Liao Hui. His experience is not, but in the end, he Everything is going smoothly., or the fate of the people. The Rio Olympics ended almost a month, for 4 years, countless times in the boring hard training pay, Shi Zhiyong harvest of his mouth "doing nothing" a month holiday, I stay in the base day, rarely go out. There is no recovery training, you can do nothing, is in a contest after the adjustment period." In fact, he was not what had been done, in addition to the General Administration of sport of the celebration of Hongkong and Macao, Shi Zhiyong received a hero’s welcome in Ningbo, it is because of his gold medal is Yongcheng sports history the first Olympic gold, have milepost significance. However, it is limited to two years of training he Yinjiang heavy athletics training base, the people are also welcome leaders at all levels and Shidishimei, winning about Rio has become the most this month repeat fragment. Become。相关的主题文章: