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Reminder: Premier Storck City wins lowly pick up prediction and analysis of the excellent state Football League [] Sacchi: Storck City vs Swansea start time: analysis of 2016-11-01 04:00 hunt ball: FUN88 1.83 3.35 3.95 FUN88: first for the instant: 2.07 3.30 3.65 Storck city?   201617 Premier League season, the tenth round will be staged this weekend by Storck. The city home court against Swansea. The city of Storck this season before the 9 round recorded a record of 2 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses, sixteenth in the Premier League standings.  ?; Storck city this season are very bad, both ends of the disappointing performance, the recent state has been warmer, Sunderland and Hull city won 2 straight, away from the relegation zone.  ?; Storck city last weekend away with 2-0 beat Maher promoted Hull City, shaqili plum to open two degrees, including an ultra long waves in the world, visible personal status relatively well, this is likely to be a mortal malady in Swansea. ?   the overall strength, the city of Storck in Swansea, two teams in the past in the Premier League played 10 times, made 4 wins 3 Potter flat 3 negative record dominant, the last 5 home court 3 wins 2 flat unbeaten, visible Storck City home court advantage is quite obvious occupy the. ?   note that Storck city nearly 9 rounds only 9 league goals is one of the worst League attack team, this team is also an important reason for the poor start to the season. In addition?   Storck city are also difficult to perform well on the defensive end, nearly 9 League mad lost 16 goals, averaging 2 goals to reach fourth goals, is the premier multi team, but the last 2 round to face Hull city and Sander LAN are able to maintain 0 goals, taking into account the weak opponents, and not too persuasive. Swansea?   Swansea the first 9 rounds of the season recorded 1 wins 2 flat 6 negative record, in table nineteenth.  ?; this season Swansea started quite smoothly, in the first round of the 1-0 win over Burnley after their recent 8 wheel winless, ahead of the bottom of the table Sunderland have only 3 points, avoid relegation task serious. ?   over the weekend at home court to draw 0-0 with Waterford, grabbed 1 difficult points, at the end of the previous competitions 5 losing streak, the team is in team history the worst League start record, it is difficult to be optimistic about the recent trend of reality.  ? Because Swansea had the most consecutive, the club decided earlier sacked Italy coach Guidolin, replaced by former U.S. national team coach Bob Bradley took office, but he questioned most Swansea fans, in fact, Bradley has not yet led to the first victory. ?   unfortunately coach Bradley will face Arsenal in his first game, he must prove their strength, and the strength is round against.相关的主题文章: