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Ray’s career 6 key three points: that a broken heart for Spurs this throw broken heart spurs sina sports news Beijing time on November 2nd, NBA legend, Bowmaster grenade – total three points ranked first in the history of Allen officially announced his retirement, ending his occupation career. The gentleman sword graceful bearing vote from three points, but is arrogant, arrow piercing. In Allen’s occupation career, there are many classic three points, today Xiaobian give you a selection of Allen’s career six key three points, we feel together in Allen’s "big heart" time: 1, 76 lore streak continues in February 4, 2009, the Celtics in the away win 76 games Allen, in the game with 0.5 seconds left to pick up Paul Pearce pass in the corner and hit 3 points, knife, helping the team win 12 games in a row. 2, hard 2 double overtime key three points in April 2, 2009, the Celtics home court fight double overtime with Allen three points in the game with 2 seconds, the final 111-109 to hard beat Sherlock bobcats. In fact, in the first overtime, Allen also hit a key three points, will help the team to score second, dragged into overtime, then give lore, perfect performance. 3, hand warmer playoff lore bulls in the playoffs in April 21, 2009, their first defeat under the condition of the green army strong counterattack, a play mad Allen in the game finally regain sight, in the final 2 seconds before hitting the winning three points, both sides of the series will pull the total score of 1 to 1. 4, crazy "3+1" Denver lore November 4, 2012, Miami home court against the Nuggets, 6.7 seconds before the whistle, Allen Lebron – James pass in the vicinity of the bottom line hit three points and fouled in a crazy way to win the opponent, the gentleman sword ". 5, three points to help the team against super domineering spurs in November 30, 2012, GDP all the truce, still deadlocked with the heat at the last minute, 22.3 seconds before the whistle, Allen assists James to hit three points, helping the team to overtake, throw the ball, Allen himself excited, swing to celebrate, and eventually the heat is difficult to win the game. 6, through one broken heart Spurs this should be the most important Allen occupation career in a three ball, sixth finals, the Spurs with a match point, before the end of the regular time of 20 seconds, the heat to 92-94 behind, the Spurs striker Leonard off the free throw line, two free throws, the Spurs still have 95-92. The initiative. Then James three points, but Bosh grabbed offensive rebounds, Allen corner ball jumps high, facing the defense, on earth, in the game with 5.2 seconds left to tie the game into overtime. In overtime, Allen in the final 1.9 seconds to offer key steals, and two penalty two, Miami eventually won the game and the total score level 3-3, then they had to grab seven war, won the championship that year. ()相关的主题文章: