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Ranxiongfei: to China football and Gao Hongbo opener scoring battle 2:3 the result of South Korea has not changed, Chinese soccer team has long and bloody counter attack football, Hao Junmin and Zhao Mingjian are exciting substitutes for the Orangemen after 0:3 brought the necessary passion and energy, but throughout the first 11 people, many of the players did not pass for me, playing the score, what is your opinion? Goalkeepers: Zeng Cheng: 6.5 points throughout the game, CengCheng quite satisfactory performance, shot two times in the second half 86 minutes after his Sun Xingmin Korean players is the biggest bright spot, but other times, Zeng Cheng did not fully for the country’s last line of defense to add luster, match the South Korean team only 11 shots, hit. Goal shots are only 5 times, but the CengCheng lost three balls, scoring too high also refused to accept the. The back line: renhang: 5 minutes long war the renhang actually does not have the true state of the game, he left the defense has been No. 10 and No. 17 Li Qinglong Ji Dong won after explosion, especially the second half of the two ball, he can appear after marking errors, neither dangerous work to freeze opponents, did not promptly blocked the dangerous area in front of the door, Li Qinglong header and Chi Dongyuan outflanking score, as the team left back door before and after the deployment of any aircraft are to blame, 5 points should not be too demanding he. Li Xuepeng: 6.5 minutes in the back to the task of the general offensive, participate less, but compared to the frequent mistakes of two full backs, Li Xuepeng non reactive, get 6.5 points. Feng Xiaoting: one of the 8 points in the back of the line, resolve the opponent’s ball in the defensive line several times, performance is steady, the game basically no mistake, the team set pieces brave plug Qiangdian and almost broke, the team back when Captain von often plays a role in the back several times after the starting point, steals a counterattack the defensive line, arguably the highest score. Zheng Zhi: 7 points if not scored an own goal and the defense team conceded three position, the transformation of Zheng Zhi worthy of recognition, as the team at the end of a ring, the South Korean team frontal attack basically did not account for cheap, good at Korean counterattack and road penetration also played very awkward, these are brought back three and Zheng Zhi drag system after the advantage, it is a pity that the press on the other side of the Oolong ball is too bright, many fans to deny Zheng Zhi a huge role in the backcourt should not. Finally want to say, personally think that Zheng Zhi should play central midfield position. Zhang Linpeng: 4 Korean War was right after explosion, Zhang Linpeng in this position has never been so embarrassed, may have a certain relationship with his physical condition, but the three naked backcourt turnovers is so harsh, believe that fans of his bad comments Zhang Linpeng I must also admit that this game is really not his state good. On twentieth minutes, Zhang Linpeng was put on the opponent left back Wu Zaishuo hook, this was forced to foul the first goal; the second half sixty-second minutes and sixty-seventh minutes, South Korea’s No. 10 and No. 7 Sun Xingmin Ji Dong won two times in the face of Zhang Linpeng on a successful breakthrough in)相关的主题文章: