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Qianlong emperor Xiangjiang autumn Biqin 55 million 640 thousand   broken instruments record – Shandong channel in Qing Dynasty — people.com.cn "Xiangjiang Qiubi" Guqin Sotheby’s held in Hongkong 5 art Chinese autumn auction, the auction of the Qing Dynasty Qianlong emperor, the focus of the "Xiangjiang Qiubi" Qin eventually traded price of HK $55 million 640 thousand to refresh auction record China instruments in the Qing dynasty. Another "grand Emperor Qianlong jade jade treasure" dragon button Fangxi with 80 million dollar hammer, transaction price of HK $91 million 480 thousand. Sell the Qianlong emperor, "Xiangjiang Qiubi" Chin "ten years of Qianlong Tong House" shall fill the autumn a total length of 101 cm. According to reports, ancient records before emperor Qian Long ascended in fill tong house house door reading, there are two kinds of sycamore trees before, because by then Tong die one after another. Qian Long remembered, so the order with its wood four Qin, the name given the poem?. "Xiangjiang autumn green" Qin is one of them. This piano to the valuation of 25 million to HK $30 million auction, the final transaction price of HK $55 million 640 thousand. In addition, the day also sold Qian Long "on the emperor’s treasure" party. Yuxi in Xinjiang Hetian jade carving system, 11 cm high, 12.8 cm long, 12.8 cm wide. The size, Yuxi in all "on the emperor’s treasure" seal ranked second, topped by the Beijing the Imperial Palace museum. According to reports, sixty years of Qianlong (1795), the emperor to abdicate the throne, respect for the "grand emperor", a special multi bottom engraved with the "grand emperor’s treasure" six words to remember this seal, seal is one of them. Vice chairman of Sotheby’s Asia China international art department supervisor and chairman Qiu Shi said earlier in the press preview, Qianlong ten years of life made the decree of "Xiangjiang Qiubi" chin, and a huge jade dragon button Fangxi, are very precious items, handed down only. A Chinese autumn auction in addition to the art treasures, also appeared in late Ming and early Qing Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty huanghuali furniture colorful auspicious patterns can and more, many of them in the fierce bidding, including "grand Emperor Qianlong’s treasure" Fang Xi "Longyou garden" auction total turnover of more than HK $140 million. (Lin Yuxing) (commissioning editor Zhang Liandong and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: