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Pu Ren Fei from thumb injury from the Evian game called not regret the effort to fight the Olympic sports Sohu – Beijing time on August 29th, just in the Olympic Games women’s golf items and gold, gold slam Korean player Pu Ren Fei in the local time Monday said that due to the thumb injury she will quit the last game LPGA Grand Slam event. This press conference is held in Seoul, Pu Ren Fei said that this time she will temporarily leave the stadium for 3 weeks, so she will not be able to attend the September 15-18 Championship held in France evian. The 28 year old player this season has been trapped in the back and thumb injury, therefore pu Ren Fei to the Rio Olympics this month the last moment before the start of the final decision for her, but the fact that this choice is correct, she achieved the first Golden Slam Golf history. "I think I’ve had a lot of thumbs up after the Olympics, but my doctor told me to take 3 weeks to get a thumbs up. Evian championship was the last Grand Slam tournament, I really hope that I can go to. But now I decided to quit, because long-term health is more important." Portsmouth also said he would return to the game after the break, will also decide how many games will be played in this season. This year she participated in 10 LPGA events, including the withdrawal of the game of the 3 game, out of the 2 games, failed to win a championship. Now she is 3 weeks away from the game, and when she returns, she’s not much left in 2016. "I will be back this year and it seems to be a good game to play two games at the end of the season." Pu Ren Fei played below par total score 16 to win the 116 year of the first Olympic gold medal in the Olympic Games women’s golf game in the four round, she beat the world’s top ranked KBA to 5 advantage?. This time the Olympic Games is not easy for her to do, in a few weeks before the Pu Ren Fei just in Korea LPGA game promotion failed, so when you go to the Olympic Games, all her data is not beautiful, compared to KBA? And he, we are not too optimistic about the title Pu Ren fei. "In fact, I once wanted to give up, because I think I am not in a healthy state of 100 points." Pu Ren Fei said, "but I knew I had the opportunity to represent my country in this field after a lapse of 116 years to return to the Olympic Games of golf game, because I think if I feel bad, afraid to give up the competition on the choice of their own is not playing well, which is contrary to the spirit of the Olympic games." Pu Ren Fei also said he did not expect such a timid impact on the performance of the Olympic Games and her future occupation career, "the Olympic Games is the most important thing is to win the gold medal, I believe that every Olympic athletes will try their own limits, with their own efforts and hard work to inspire other people. If I give up to participate in the Olympic Games, then I also gave up his entire career." Park won 17 LPGA games in the Grand Slam, in her opinion, every game in the Olympic Games is like the last round of the Grand Slam in the 1 round of the game in the. ")相关的主题文章: