Play ugly Zero westward journey 3 Stephen Chow save (video)

Play ugly: Zero "westward journey 3" Stephen Chow save Han Geng don’t cry, Stephen Chow could not save the "westward journey 3" how bad! The up arrow up arrow up arrow up arrow up arrow up arrow up arrow up arrow up arrow arrow Zhejiang entertainment original video "drama ugly" this video length: 3 minutes and 27 seconds in the period of "ugly" drama, drama MAN and everyone to chat 0 movie "westward journey 3". It is said that Han Geng and Tang Yan two people on the kind of enough to make the audience from the eyes of the skills of the halo, so that all people cry…… Do not play comedy do not play ah, are you all monkeys to tease than? In fact, the "westward journey 3" and Sun Wukong did what, although they do not see the difference a shortsighted and good-for-nothing person six ear macaque and monkey MAN in the movie but admit drama, Bodhisattva were also writers write you blind? Also, he, your son (though not your son) Haier grab the hot wheels next door to Na Zha, you are not afraid of Li Jing come to the tota kings?…… If you really want to count the "3" slot’s Westward Journey Series MAN can be divided into two a total of one hundred times, said the last three days and nights. More exciting, or please click to watch video up together Tucao. Profile: "ugly" is a Tencent of Zhejiang drama entertainment and film critic & disciples; hot drama short video review column DJ Taole team jointly produced the well-known radio, every Friday on the line. Give me 3 minutes, "we’ll make you laugh."". For more information, please click on the big Zhejiang network entertainment channel home page相关的主题文章: