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Peak report (ten): those who travel through the economic cycle of explosive snacks, there is a common secret – Sohu science and technology snacks just roadside stalls of a pack of hot strips of 50 Fen? Monster Energy, Greek yogurt drinks coffee brand Chobani, green mountain, shrouded in this industry with billions of market capitalization of up. Because of the concept of the concept of eating more meals, snacks are eating away year after year, becoming the one or two most sought after market business. The S & P 500 index, in ten years the largest shares rose is not apple, but Monster Energy is not Salesforce, the production of functional beverage enterprises. In this research report, the head of the group responsible for the peak capital consumption the Yellow Sea through the analysis of these three star food companies, summed up the necessary elements of the economic cycle through the food: soft addiction. "In the early years, people will give up a lot of necessities, but never thought of giving up their bad habits." If you are engaged in the food business, or have their own experience on this topic, welcome to leave a message at the end of the text, or by e-mail and get in touch with the Yellow Sea. His mailbox is hai@freesvc what is the cause of these great food enterprises the Yellow Sea snacks officially appeared only 100 years of history, initially only exist in the aristocracy and leisure class leisure entertainment occasions. According to Andrew ·, (Andrew F. Smith) written on the history of food books, snacks initially began in the circus and exhibition. The typical snacks include peanuts, popcorn and sweets. With the increase of people’s leisure and entertainment activities, the fragmentation time increases, and the frequency and frequency of snacks are also increasing. The proportion of Americans who eat three or more snacks a day, up from 10% in the late 1970s, rose to $56% in 2010, according to the u.s.. Official data also confirm this trend. U.S. Bureau of labor statistics show that over the past 30 years, the United States consumer spending growth is the most prominent category of snacks, followed by non-alcoholic beverages and fresh fruits and vegetables. The main contribution of snacks category as: nuts, potato chips, spices (such as pickled cabbage, canned food and other canned) and pre packaging (such as salad, desserts, baby food and vitamin supplements); the main contribution of non-alcoholic beverage category: coffee, tea, ice, non-alcoholic beer and breakfast alternatives. These two categories are belong to the pan snacks packaged food (for convenience, as mentioned below "snacks" including non alcoholic beverages), their common characteristic is: edible scene and storage conditions of flexible, standardized production and long-distance delivery, can be sold in supermarkets and Internet channels etc.. USA 1984-2015 per capita consumer food expenditure changes, from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website (Note: 2004 special value appears to be caused by the lack of statistical data, is not the real numerical fluctuations) in addition to more snacks?相关的主题文章: