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Over the weekend, recently staged war Jinglu 6 3 red and 38 yellow is very hot – Sports Sohu in September 25th, Beijing Guoan will be in the home court against Shandong luneng. Even now the two teams no longer fight for the championship, but will still make Jinglu showdown, the two fans excited. For the team, no matter what the current ranking, as long as the two sides meet, it must not mobilize". Every game are spelt Jinglu, sparks. Browse 6 of their last game data, in addition to 18 goals, also left 3 red cards and unbelievable 38 yellow cards. Such an amazing number of red cards, but also illustrates the hot scenes of the game. These 6 games, including the 5 League and the FA Cup 1. Among them, Guoan players eat 20 yellow cards, 2 red cards, a "leading" in Luneng players receive 18 yellow cards, 1 red cards. What impressed people most, should be the red card in the body to eat to gloon May 2014. At that time, the Ecuador striker Dai Lin due to the provocation, resulting in emotional control on the other, to the red end, resulting in national security at home court by the Luneng three ball victory. After the game, Dai Lin was Beijing fans and the media kouzhubifa. However, not long after, Dai Lin’s and glycopyrrolate in different roles, as the "a red card". Also in 2014, the 14 FA Cup final, the two sides once again in the body. Near the end of the first half when Zhou Ting, because after a lapse of two fouls in 1 minutes, two yellow and one red penalty; however, Luneng fans hardly happy, see the referee showed the red card to Dai Lin. Originally, the wily Mati "timely" words angered Dai Lin, who really was shot onto the madzic, this lets the country even 1 seconds to play much less of the loss did not eat. In addition to the 3 red cards, with 38 yellow cards, we can smell the smoke flavor of the first meeting. The intense physical confrontation, Feichan emerge in an endless stream has become a true portrayal of the game. However, the situation is gradually changing. Since 2015 3 the confrontation between the two teams, both sides did not appear red, this year first half against 3 yellow cards already within the normal range. I hope this Sunday’s game, the two sides played a very exciting, rather than wonderful tragic". At present, the game tickets are hot selling, login window on sports service number (irenafwpt) can buy a ticket. At the same time, the 2016 Beijing Guoan official postcards and Guoan latest theme "faith" badges have also been listed in the United fans, workers spectators at the time, but also to the 17 stands of Beijing Guoan official experience shop.相关的主题文章: