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Over the weekend, reading your words and deeds, is the best teacher – child mother Sohu original title: the best education, are hidden in the life of the | fat, a few days ago, my sister and I complained that the 4 year old niece were learned to play mobile phone, to give her the book, then threw on the side, opposite if not, play mobile phone, grab it absolutely does not let go. Although she was very sad, but I see she was talking to me, while playing mobile phone, that moment I also don’t know what the reaction. This is the most common scene in life. Upstairs aunt Lee, complaining about the grandson watching cartoons, but did not mention the child is when you play mahjong sneaking off to watch cartoons; Wu Jiejie next door, complaining that the child is not Study hard, but never say they clamored to test in-service graduate students for a long time but are not moving. Many parents blame their children to school, blame the teacher, blame the child, but did not blame themselves. We often say that the child was born in a family of scholar with a bookish, that is because I breathe the fragrance of books; kids are born in the artistic talent outstanding, it is because in childhood. Obviously, quality, morality, good habits and other factors that will affect the child’s life, and not preaching by their parents and other "education" can be effective, but by the behavior of parents, this subtle education into the child’s life. They do not read, but require children to learn better; their own smoking and drinking, but asked the children to develop good habits. Suddenly thought of Mao once said: "most of the Chinese parents, the child as a child as the lifeblood, will extend their lives and continue to expect, and his life ideal is not completed, can be realized in children." A child’s body, often burdened with two people’s life, so he is not happy, and can not find their own value. So, there is a moral kidnapping in the world, called: I am all for your good, but I do not want to set an example. The growth of children, is the practice of parents. Parents and children in the world, instantly decided the fate of life. We always think that when parents are to accompany their children to grow up, but more often, in fact, the children are growing up with us. Being a parent is a big responsibility, but a lot of people don’t realize it when they are parents. Isaka Yukitaro once said, "it’s terrible to think that parents don’t have to pass the exam." I totally agree with that, although I fully agree with the idea that every parent is good at starting a child, but it doesn’t mean that what parents do is right. For example, two years ago, uncle brother learned to smoke, just know when my uncle was furious, the whole family could not stop, press the beating his brother, 16 year old boy is stubborn, gengzhuobozi refused to admit he was wrong. In the end, the uncle said let the younger brother quit, saying the other back: "how much something, my mother every day, you can’t let you stop smoking.相关的主题文章: