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OPPO, vivo dug pit, HUAWEI millet will jump it? (Guangzhou Panyu street OPPO and vivo stores, to the peak said) technology of Tencent selected high quality articles from the media, the article independent views of the author and do not represent the position of science and technology Tencent. The Western swordsman (WeChat public number: IT) since the second half of last year A new force suddenly rises. OPPO, vivo blue and green sales to two brothers, the first two quarters of this year, more like an irresistible trend, millet and Lenovo will fall far behind sales ranking followed by HUAWEI, became the second and third domestic mobile phone market. For a time, the channel is king again in the mobile phone industry China rampant hackneyed and stereotyped expressions, some of the media and the so-called analysts is the success of the two brothers for the blue and green line channel victory, as OPPO and vivo sales growth has become another phenomenon after the trend of millet. Chinese mobile phone industry impetuous and marketing oriented habits once again came to prominence. Only a few years ago manufacturers rely on traditional channels to restart the line channels, even millet, 360, plus a number of so-called Internet mobile phone manufacturers, also began to sit still, have said to open the line channels. Millet Lei Jun (micro-blog) said that for two years, the establishment of 200 terminal line, this is the three day of a rhythm; 360 mobile phone in a second tier city line began to establish sales outlets, ZTE, Lenovo and other manufacturers are also in a different way to the lower channel line advance, HUAWEI also started at the end of 2015. The "thousand county plan", although the target and other manufacturers are not the same, but the strengthening of the line channels is also obvious. For a time, a sudden change in the situation of mobile phone industry China. For products to manufacturers, offline channels can be an aphrodisiac? In the mobile phone market into a period of improved demand, can enhance market sales? As of four years ago is not fully optimistic about the millet swordsman, swordsman today is still not optimistic about the OPPO and vivo of the so-called "marketing myth. For the consumer electronics has become a necessity of life in the mobile phone market in China, any idea at any time, are not conducive to the development of the industry. The blue and green two brothers rising sales, it shows that the channel line limitation and low efficiency of resource allocation in the previous article "swordsman OPPO mobile phone sales has been ranked fourth in the world, but why you rarely see people around talked about in" in OPPO, the line network has reached 20 million is huge, but in a second tier city are rarely seen using the OPPO and vivo mobile phone users. In fact, from the feedback of the situation, in the three and six line market, OPPO and vivo have the trend of excess line shop. The actual situation is that the blue and green two brothers currently huge advertising and hundreds of thousands of sales outlets nationwide, but failed to form a core user groups in a second tier cities. This phenomenon indicates that on the one hand, a second tier city and the three to six line market consumer behavior is different, but also shows the focus on the line channels OPPO and vivo, a second tier city channel did not play much of a role. It is for this reason that the folklore of the OPPO and.相关的主题文章: