On Wednesday 012 SMG analysis at weak Oman Ireland. dingxiangwuyuetian

On Wednesday 012 SMG analysis: at the 012 international Oman intolerable weak Ireland on Wednesday Ireland VS Oman 2016-09-01 02:45 game: 16 degrees cloudy weather situation in Ireland: Irish team at this summer’s European Cup performance is acceptable, the team team beat Sweden qualify knockout is only a small ball to host the French team, but from the lineup in recent years, the team in the lean phase, Cymbidium, Quin and Kean, the old, the Irish team is not the emergence of a suitable replacement, but the training, the team in front of 15 players from the Premier League, the overall strength and Oman still has a great advantage, but the game is also a veteran Robbie Keane’s farewell game, I believe the team will win a victory for the champion player. Oman Oman: the current situation FIFA ranking of 104th, and the strength of Ireland has a large gap, most of the team in front of the players from the domestic league, and after the Spaniard Carlo Oman took office, the overall performance has not been improved much, failed to qualify in the second stage of the tour of World Cup qualifying game, because no twelve strong match task, so the Oman team is mainly dominated by training, the team recruited several young players to prepare for the future, but the team has always been good at Blackburn, the last 10 games off just won 1 wins 3 flat 6 negative results, this time the game against Ireland, Oman wanted to get retreat is difficult. One track: two teams last two clash race record, Ireland achieved victory record. Game Analysis: SMG Shengping Fu played out 1.20-4.80-11.50 SP, given the confidence, whether it is the strength of Irish prestige or previous confrontation, they are far above Oman, the disc to the Lord let a ball ball half water start disk slightly too shallow, the note after the plate water level continued to decline, the market outlook of companies change disk main let the ball half pattern, and the scale trend is consistent, positive transition belong to the good move, found the compensate mainstream companies have cut data, each other is condensed, the game of Ireland win a big problem, but the need to guard against the win lose plate, let the ball play better check yuko.相关的主题文章: