On the house hot Happy Tree Friends this heartache children animation ca1806

On the house hot "Happy Tree Friends" this heartache children animation first off, "Happy Tree Friends" (hereinafter referred to as "HTF") in the United States is classified as a restricted class of works. But because of its style is innocent and romantic, there are a lot of countries and regions that are children to animation. Recently, there is a house into the HTF after the pit can not extricate themselves, posting on the Internet caused heated debate. 1:2016 0928 (water) guys should know what I’m talking about. 2:2016 0928 (water) was popular in the past 10 years. (Penguin mother: Hu, obviously in some circles are now very popular.) 3:2016 0928 (water) to see this cartoon has a subtle sense of pain, such as crying and put their foot off the thing to do. 6:2016 0928 (water) to see when I like to look at this cartoon I was a heresy". 7:2016 0928 (water) to see who would think so much ah, saying that in the end is to think about what makes this kind of work in the world, ah, the head is not wrong? 8:2016 0928 (water) even if it is not to see the cruel picture is very interesting. 10:2016 0928 (water) high school, there was a guy who wanted me to go into the pit, but because of the cruel animation, I did not go to see Amway. 11:2016 0928 (water) I’m so angry at my addiction. 13:2016 0928 (water) looks like "death". Penguin: "death has come" is yellow storm, this is not yellow 19:2016 0928 (water) can be conveniently like outflow intestines I look very uncomfortable. 20:2016 0928 (water) I’m not good at dealing with weird colors and hysterical cries, so I don’t see it. 21:2016 0928 (water) very pleasant style and unknown cruel appear together make me sick. 23:2016 0928 (water) red hot iron plate affixed to the face and skin a tear…… Why I was able to look at it calmly. 24:2016 0928 (water) when I like to look at this is also a disease. 29:2016 0928 (water) is horrible even if it’s not cruel, especially their eyes. 32:2016 0928 (water) at first I thought I was able to watch this kind of cruel animation, but I didn’t insist on it. It made me realize that I only liked to watch my sister. Now more and more animation by style to attract people, so there are a lot of people missed the fun (Magic) works, "HTF" and "South Park" is undoubtedly one of the representative, although these animation may make people look normal, if you feel that you 100 poison not invade completely her buddy, also welcome into the pit. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: