North Center Network Publishing trading platform officially launched in Beijing spyair

North Center Network Publishing trading platform in Beijing officially listed on the Beijing cultural property rights trading center network publishing trading platform on the morning of October 28, 2016 in Beijing officially inaugurated operations. Zhang Dawei, President of Beijing cultural property rights trading center attended the ceremony and delivered a speech in the open, the guests of the witness, and Zhang Jie, vice mayor of Fengtai District as the center of network publishing common Bei Wen trading platform, cut the ribbon opening. The general manager of Beijing City Press and Publication Administration of digital publishing office director Zu Tiegang, Fengtai science and Technology Park CMC Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department deputy director Sun Yongwen, Fengtai District, Fengtai District Federation Chairman Wang Xiaoyi Hong Xin, deputy director of the Fengtai District development and Reform Commission, sun Rui Beijing City Copyright Protection Association Network Publication Committee, China recorded longer than human publishing and Media Co. Ltd Shao Guangjin the center of network publishing, beiwen trading platform chairman Li Guoqiang and other leaders and guests attended the event, and as a trading platform for network publishing center beiwen ribbon. The ceremony, Zhang Dawei, President of Beijing cultural property rights trading center, diversified development trend of integration in the field of culture under the new economic norm, along with the rapid development of globalization and new technology, the cultural industry has become the trend of cross-border integration. North Center Network Publishing trading platform operators as cultural property rights trading center in Beijing under the leadership of the main, long way to go in the future development and construction, and in the era of development, social progress, the only constant innovation, advance with the times, to open a new chapter of cultural property exchange market, to create a real value of the trading platform, hope North Center Network Publishing trading platform has always been adhering to the "integrity, dedication, professional and innovative" business philosophy in the future development, professional trading platform to build standardization, innovation and standardization. It is understood that the actual size of the annual production of the national network of products less than 10% of the overall size, there is a huge market space and development space. To make the use of Beijing as the national cultural center leadership demonstration function, a substantial increase in the overall level of China’s network publishing products, cultural property rights trading center in Beijing, the future leaders look far ahead from a high plane in the country, the first to create a network publishing trading platform. Beijing cultural property trading center is pure state-owned trading institutions funded by the Beijing state owned assets supervision and Administration Office of culture of the Beijing man Investment Group Holdings, Chinese cultural industry development group and other central enterprises equity, North Center network trading platform is how publishing center network publications of property rights trading platform, is a comprehensive trade service network platform of Internet publishing industry based on the unique in china. The creation of network publishing center Bei Wen trading platform of the Beijing City, district two level and the relevant departments of Beijing Copyright Protection Association of Beijing City, game animation industry alliance support. The platform is committed to building a large number of development teams, Internet publishing companies to achieve the realization of the property rights of the bridge products, and to provide property rights protection, financial investment and other comprehensive services. North Center Network Publishing trading platform under the network game publishing property transactions, property transactions, network television and Publishing Network Literature Publishing property transactions, property transactions and other network publication venture space industry s相关的主题文章: