Ningbo network rules about the implementation of the car from now on the highest threshold for acces-superrecovery

Ningbo network about the car rules for managing the implementation of vehicle access threshold: the highest in the province last month after public comment, "Ningbo city network booking taxi business service management implementation rules (Trial)" from today (November 1st) formally implemented, before February 28th next year as the transition period. Yesterday, the evening news reporter learned from the press conference, officially the "rules" and before the draft, the biggest change is the network about cars more than 4 years of age never adjusted to not more than 2 years. Compared to other cities in Zhejiang four to five years of vehicle requirements, this standard can be called the province’s highest. In addition, Ningbo also added a private bus ride platform requires the vehicle, drivers and other related data access to the order of the government regulatory platform. The vehicle — local license, car age within 2 years in the network about the car access conditions, Ningbo conditions were: the "Zhejiang B license plate, 7 seat and the following passenger car vehicle purchase tax; tax price of 120 thousand yuan or more; the vehicle driving license of the date of initial registration to the filing date under 2 a network of about years; and each car access network about platform shall not exceed 2; fuel, clean energy vehicle wheelbase of 2650 mm or more; new energy vehicle wheelbase of 2600 mm or more, operating mileage of 200 kilometers above the comprehensive. At the same time, the mileage of 600 thousand km when forced to scrap, mileage is not up to 600 thousand km, but the service life of up to 8 years, must also withdraw from the network about the car business. Drivers — local domicile or residence permit holders of more than 6 months in the owners are more concerned about the driver qualification, relatively less restricted, local household registration or a "residence in Zhejiang province" for more than 6 months, can be opened in Ningbo about the car. However, due to "residence in Zhejiang province" Ordinance was implemented from July 1st this year, the transition period holds a "temporary residence permit" in Zhejiang province for 1 years or 1 years to pay social security in Ningbo, as with "residence in Zhejiang province" for more than 6 months required. For the driver and other requirements, such as drinking and driving around the same, no record, more than 3 years of driving experience. About the car network platform — valuation adjustment should be 15 days in advance to announce the Ningbo taxi management regulations, government agencies to apply for permission to make the decision for the network about the car platform company, should be issued "online booking" license for taxi management, clear business scope for network reservation taxi passenger, business areas of the administrative area of the city the car rental reservation; network license management is valid for 4 years. Tariff, clear network about the implementation of the market price of the vehicle tariff adjustment". But the network about the car platform company should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the public transportation structure, pricing and price standard, the price tag, accept social supervision, and provide the invoice to the passengers. The adjustment of the Valuation Rules shall be announced to the public 15 days in advance. Department response car at the age of 2 years is to ensure more safety condition it is reported that in Ningbo during the "net" rules for comments about the car, received a total of 2527 kinds of effective advice. A day before the release of the draft, "Ningbo network rules about cars.相关的主题文章: