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[network] Zhan Tianyou CLS Fucai 3D 16296th: 4, through a Danma pendulum impact analysis, the open prize number 789, the number of the ball impact force on the whole stable strike, the ball pendulum wave power increased, the 100 force foothold will stay at 148, ten point may force stay on the 369, who will stay at 758. Two, so this period there will be a high probability number should be 16789 three, according to the above analysis we can draw the following note number: 137135138167165168 197195198437438467 465468497495498837 835838867865868897 895898 four, 437 five, I selected code: analysis of this issue is: 4, six Danma select number: 137167195437438465 468895 seven, the above analysis combined with the current observation and value range: 9-25 And value recommended: 1514相关的主题文章: