Master of the nebula and the disease for 50 years of friends a stroke, strong again-oboni

The grand master and friends: 50 years of disease stroke, again again strong grand master (source: Phoenix Buddhist map) the evening of October 29th, the Grand Master of noble character and high prestige in the second session of the global Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search ceremony awards ceremony, won the "second session of the global Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search dissemination award of the year award overseas influence". When Professor Chen Lai Dean of Tsinghua University Institute of Ancient Chinese Literature Search lottery guests made the announcement after the more than and 800 round of applause, the collective tribute to the masters of noble character and high prestige. The grand master due to health reasons can not visit the awards scene, but he was specially commissioned on behalf of Hui Master Award, and recorded a video speech by Jiangsu phoenix. Also in the evening, the Grand Master of sudden vomiting, limb weakness, the next day in Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, the medical team inspection, confirmed on the left side of the brain hemorrhagic stroke, after a night of close observation, thirty-one in the medical team suggested that surgery, to remove the blood clot, is currently in stable condition. This is the master of the second strokes, in fact, the Grand Master of his belief, full of pain and suffering, he is saying "I" once said: I come from the novel should be a healthy baby, but the eye ear nose and tongue and six root, also often seems a serious illness, minor ailments continued. Count up, all the years of life has been with the disease for friends. The master of the nebula has a remarkable understanding of the suffering of the disease, the master of 50 years and disease resistance. Ten years ago, master every July birthday, would like a plague like trance and. Before the grand master, every year there will be one to two times the eye swelling and pain. Master before often suffer from severe malaria, miserable. At the age of seventeen, malaria was the most serious and lasted for one or two months. With the cold, as if death is coming. Dying, the consciousness of the fuzzy, there is a family sent to the master of the nebula. Master the memories, half a bowl of pickled vegetables, is more valuable than what delicious, but also. The grand master ate and tears, in the heart of a vow: Master, how do you know I have a disease? How do you send this delicious pickles to me? I must do their vows, Dharma will repay your kindness and compassion. At the age of twenty, leaving the MTE when the grand master had a serious smallpox, in addition to the head, systemic fester. A close call。 Twenty-eight, at the age of nine, the nebula master suffering from acute rheumatic arthritis, the doctor diagnosed the body will be infected, I am afraid there is a risk of death, it is best to cut off the legs. Fo Guang Shan mountains, the Grand Master of sudden illness, completely unconscious, the doctor diagnosed with diabetes. Since then, accompanied by the star of the master of the cloud. To the elderly, the master because of diabetes, but also eye ear nose and tongue body is affected by it, the battle with the disease 50 years of the grand master had understanding of health and disease, so he said: life health is very important, but the illness is difficult to avoid, but the so-called hero disease to grind, then how much money, family, when illness befall you, you can’t refuse. Rich people can be treated with medicine, or even go abroad for medical treatment; some diseases require physical therapy, and even some of the troubles of the disease also need heart.相关的主题文章: