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Many officials gathered in Hefei on new energy vehicle policy – Beijing new network in Hefei in August 26, (Zhao Qiang Hao Jiaqi) 26, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hefei and other new energy automobile makers gathered in Hefei to introduce each other around the new energy automotive policy, learn from each other. The city of Beijing from the 2008 Olympic Games to promote new energy vehicles, the development of new energy vehicles in the city promotion center director Niu Jinming Beijing said: "as of July 2016, Beijing city built a total of 30 thousand super charging pile, promotion of 70 thousand new energy vehicles, including the bus more than 2 vehicles, more than 8 car rental vehicles." Market analysts believe that the future of China’s preferential policies for new energy vehicles once reduced, industry dividends will disappear. The face of challenge, Niu Jinming metaphor: the policy is like high-speed road car will not stop. Policy system is not built overnight, will be adjusted according to the new needs of the industry, the introduction of new preferential policies. Financial subsidies should not be a single source of capital, diversified social capital to form a joint force." At present, Beijing only accept 15 car prices for the record, the market of new energy automotive brand does not exceed 15. Niu Jinming said: for the safety and convenience of consumers, car prices in Beijing, the new energy vehicle sales and service store scale can be filed." In the Beijing car license is not easy, in July this year, a total of 5400 new energy vehicles in Beijing on the card. Niu Jinming, director of Beijing new energy vehicle development center, introduced the city’s new energy vehicle policy. Hao Jiaqi taken Shenzhen city as the forefront of reform and opening up, is the vanguard of the promotion of new energy vehicles. The office of the application of new energy vehicles in the city leading group of assistant director Lu Xiangzhen 26, said: "until July 30, 2016, Shenzhen built a total of 20 thousand super charging pile, promotion of 50 thousand new energy vehicles, including the bus more than 6 vehicles, more than 7 units of rental car." It is reported that Shenzhen proposed pure electric drive strategy, pure electric bus 4265, accounting for the new energy bus 64.29%. Lu Xiangzhen said in Beijing: next year in Shenzhen, all the buses are pure electric, 4 years later, the 100% taxi and logistics vehicles are pure electric distribution of 50%." In addition, as the bright younger generation in Hefei City, new energy automobile total sales reached 35 thousand and 500 vehicles, accounting for about 5.1%. The regional innovation of science and Technology Bureau Director Dai Bing said on the 26, he agreed with Beijing and Shenzhen safety supervision measures. "Hefei has 20 factories and sales of new energy vehicles, dragons and fishes jumbled together. The vehicle, battery, charging three links, the government should increase supervision efforts." Dai Bing proposed innovative triangle structure, which is cost-effective, pure electric drive and innovative research in a situation of tripartite confrontation. He said: Hefei invested nearly 200 million yuan to support the development of new energy vehicles, the production of cost-effective cars, from the price level to meet different consumer needs." It is reported that this year the city of Hefei through a series of new policies to encourage new energy vehicles, such as self charging residents of residential property and certain financial subsidies or incentives, another way to solve the problem of charging facilities occupied, public areas dealt with by the urban management and traffic police, district)相关的主题文章: