Luxury and comfort both evaluation of domestic Cadillac xt5 28t- Sohu car sayu-02

Both luxury and comfort evaluation of homebred Cadillac XT5 28T- Sohu automobile Sohu [evaluation] said the United States Department of automotive vehicles, perhaps many people still have the "stupid big man", "large displacement self-priming" point of view and labels, and chatted about the Cadillac brand, often appear once Fleetwood and typical American representative Full-size ESCALADE will emerge Escalade in everyone’s mind, it is synonymous with luxury and comfort. However, with the progress of the times, Cadillac is a new image into everyone’s attention, after the new flagship model Cadillac CT6, XT5 is also a continuation of this design concept, what new faces, the inherent quality of Cadillac XT5 as a luxury brand models should be also inherited? My colleague has had on the Cadillac XT5 (hereinafter referred to as XT5) of site and road test (link 1, link 2), we believe that for this XT5 has a certain understanding. The test by a week of opportunity, I focus on the experience of XT5 work in daily commuting and daily use of driving experience, this one by one to you. – 0-100km H – 100-0km h accelerated test brake test – measured noise value – fuel consumption test – diamond cutting style appearance, still sharp – luxury interior design sense, space performance相关的主题文章: