Lunar September 28 Liu Song translation by monk for that rajendravarman day passed away-onavo protect

Lunar September 28 Liu Song translation by monk for that rajendravarman died, for that rajendravarman master (source: picture) in October 28, 2016, the 28th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, for the yasovarman death anniversary. Pray that rajendravarman (367 ~ 431). Free for merit armor. The monk for Liu Song. North India kasmira country (kashm R or Gandhara local people). Brake (Samurai) origin. The twenty year old monk, and the Sangha, well versed in the law on the Tripitaka, so when the call for the Tripitaka master. At the age of thirty, Ji Binwang Hong, the heir to ask the teacher, teacher speech and not satisfied, then go in seclusion lion promoting Buddhism, after inspection to Po country (Java) mission. The first year of emperor Liu Songwen Yuanjia (424), division by sea to Guangzhou, see the situation of the mountain tiger City resembling the inspection Jueshan, so it was renamed as the Gridhrakuta mountain in the mountains, and to establish the practice of Zen meditation hall. The mountain tiger suffering, until after the division in this place, there is no harm to the. "Eight years to the Imperial Emperor Kang, courtesy, just not long Huan temple, the temple to preach the" Lotus Sutra "and" ten "method, seats are sheng. In addition, the Division also engaged in translation work, a translation of a "good", "Bodhisattva or four nuns," karma law "Upasaka precepts", "dignity by phase", a total of ten monks, eighteen volumes. In addition to the above, following the division of complex Yiye Baltic, translation samyuktabhidharma hrdaya sastra, with up Yiye not translated the baltic. In September 28th eight of Yuanjia died at the age of sixty-five.相关的主题文章: