Jobs equity certificate listing $195 thousand price auction winflash

Jobs stock certificates listed $195 thousand price auction Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, has been awarded to former Apple co-founder Steve – Jobs (Steve Jobs) is a rare manuscripts and documents the dealer’s price to $195 thousand in the Momentsin Time website listed for sale before the share certificate. According to the information given by the in Time Moments website, this certificate seems to be a stake in apple in 80s last century after the listing was awarded to Jobs. According to the famous Moments in Time website collector Kerry – zimet (GaryZimet) revealed that the stock certificates had been hung on Jobs in California Cupertino office wall, until around 1985. At that time, because Jobs and former Apple CEO John Scully (John Sculley) and were evicted from apple. Shortly after Jobs left apple, ordered to clean up all the items to facilitate the Oscar Jobs in the office, and the equity also awarded the certificate and the rest of the products are discarded as scrap, but a hardworking employee found in the document after it carefully preserved for 31 years. After a few years, apple in Sculley led several opportunities for economic development, even once went to the brink of bankruptcy. In 1997, acquired by apple in Jobs founded NeXT Computer company, Jobs finally returned to Apple as chairman, and released a series of iPhone, including iMac and iPad these well-known products, apple again back to the development path on the right. Sources said that the former Apple employees in the listing of the sale of equity certificates submitted also provides a certificate to prove the authenticity of the document. It is necessary to point out that the Apple Corp’s products and articles have historical significance, especially with Jobs related items have sold a price in the auction market, but it seems to be Qi Mei hereby according to the previous Apple related products auction history on the pricing of stock certificates. For example, an apple contains three co founders Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) and Ron Wayne (Ron Wayne) Autographed company was founded in 2011 to file the final price of $1 million 600 thousand sold in 2013; a businessman Robert Jobs in August 17, 1978 and Phil rand (RobertFriedland) eight page signed contract for $40045; for the Kennedy Center for human rights and justice Tim Cook fundraising (Tim Cook) also auction and their coffee break in 2013 and eventually raised $610 thousand donation. Of course, the most representative of Apple’s auction is undoubtedly the apple had launched the world’s first personal computer products Apple I. This antique product is always has been the major collectors favorite, before the date of the auction website CharityBuzz also announced an extremely rare.相关的主题文章: