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Interview with Ke Zhendong: do not expect in the mainland actor Lu Xueting Wen Xiaqi took over the way Liu Jiaqi photography video Sina entertainment news Golden Horse Awards, Ke Zhendong [micro-blog] to have a trip to Beijing, known as the never the son’s mother, sent him a message: "what time will you come back?" "Because they didn’t go back for the last time, so they were stressed." Ke Zhendong used the "one to many days", refers to him in August 2014 because of drug-related administrative detention 14 days of events. It was the legend, he has two years can not enter the mainland territory ban, but in fact, these two years, he not only had to filming in Hengdian for three months, but also to Shandong to participate in charitable activities, has also appeared in Shanghai Ke father store opening scene. While in Beijing, he has not come back, but the staff over there to help him talk about the role, but the promotion is very slow, Ke Zhendong said he understood his concerns on the mainland film companies. 24 years ago, Ke Zhendong almost no setback. He was born in a wealthy family, who was admitted to the school is famous for its strict management, although repeatedly requested by the parents, but in fact only the class speak, so little sleep, Ke Zhendong said: "the system, I will try to follow the system, otherwise I was dropped out of trouble." Ke Zhendong did not think of myself, one day, will in the new factory dormitory, to Restroom in a dress, think about why they always have so many top foam will, on the outskirts of Burma in the market, with a value of 20 yuan of local currency, thinking today should buy what dish later tried Chaojiao pan, he always boiled eat, incidentally, also lost a lot of weight, but the flesh, his attitude would be more careful: "I don’t know whether it is good." In the field of "goodbye" tile City in the show, brought the Golden Horse Award winner for Ke Zhendong, which is why Ke Zhendong will come to Beijing mass media interview. Obviously, this time he is well prepared. Asked whether Jackie Chan is not because the father cannot transition [micro-blog] ", he said:" no matter who my father is, anyone in learning path, a new narrative is going to take a long time to exercise and observation, to try to figure out when it comes to "friends"; always put "Mekong River action" and your associate ", his response is" I think this represents "the Mekong River action" so successful, so many people from the movie began to think of another thing". In this interview, the brokerage team is not as strict as before in the Venice Film Festival to protect him, but to give him confidence. Indeed, the distance he cried on TV to say "great regret" has in the past two years, said Ke Zhendong also said sorry for two years, about the mistakes, he sincere repentance, but the attitude is not depressed or self pity, even there are some easy, a young man is not so smart easily. After a few months back to Taiwan, I dare not go out, it is undeniable that God has been very loving to me, Sina entertainment: just back to Taiwan, who accompany you up to? Ke Zhendong: it’s almost the same.相关的主题文章: